Pit Chat: Erm…happy 100th race, Sebastian

Mark Scott
Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel

It was, unfortunately, rather fitting that Sebastian Vettel’s 100th race with Ferrari ended in disaster just as things were looking promising for the Scuderia…

Time to take a look back over the good, the bad and the ugly from a Brazilian Grand Prix that went from quiet to batsh*t crazy in the blink of an eye.

Thank you Valtteri Bottas for your sacrifice.

But first…

A whiff of nostalgia

We, and no doubt you, are an absolute sucker for seeing some iconic cars back on track, even if the livery isn’t 100 per cent accurate.

In the build-up to race weekend we were treated to Mick Schumacher driving his father’s almighty Ferrari F2002.

And back at Interlagos, we all saw this little beauty. Martin Brundle is one lucky man. Not jealous at all.

While that was undoubtedly Martin Brundle’s number one highlight of the weekend, a close second must have been the honour of being completely ignored by Kimi Raikkonen on his grid walk.

Don’t worry, Martin, he isn’t just singling you out.

Just as we’re on the subject of Kimi, we wholeheartedly endorse this message.

Just a quiet weekend…

Now onto Kimi’s former team-mate at Ferrari…one Sebastian Vettel. We got pretty much every version of Seb this weekend.

The one that teases other drivers…

The one that has the dad jokes locked and loaded…

Very excitable Sebastian made an appearance with a superb British accent out of nowhere…

And topped off, of course, by very angry Sebastian on team radio. It’s got to be bad if he is ranting in his native tongue.

If you’re wondering what he said…”My god, is that really necessary?! What a load of bullsh*t!”

Never a quiet day at Ferrari…

Any other business

It’s also never quiet when Daniel Ricciardo is around. He has the perfect plan for Valtteri Bottas to beat Lewis Hamilton next season.

We also enjoyed Valtteri with the most Finnish reaction ever after watching Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel collide with each other.

Meanwhile, the unfortunate Alex Albon added his own little spin to the ‘Shut up Geoff’ option that all F1 gamers are very much aware of.

Ever so slightly more wholesome was seeing Pierre Gasly and, eventually, Carlos Sainz on the podium. Try looking at these images and not get a little misty-eyed with a wee tear of joy.

Last word

Over to you, Ted Kravitz, for the most risqué joke of the weekend coming not even 24 hours on from that interview with Prince Andrew.

Stalling for time on his always excellent Notebook whilst waiting to see if Carlos Sainz was going to keep hold of his podium spot, he suggested McLaren may celebrate by going for a pizza in Woking.

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