Pit Chat: F1 needs to listen to Sebastian Vettel

Mark Scott

There were no nonsense answers from Sebastian Vettel in Austria; Kimi Raikkonen is a plane enthusiast and many fall victim to some fake news.

Time to reflect on what was a cracking Austrian Grand Prix weekend. More of the same, pretty please.

But first…

Red Bull gives you wings

Track guides get a bit repetitive in the build-up to the race weekend. See one, seen them all. But Red Bull brought a whole new meaning to a flying lap in Austria. This is awesome.

Polite request to send one driver up into the skies ahead of every race from now. And, yes, by one driver, we mean Kimi Raikkonen, just for more shots like this.

Is it a bird or a plane?

Kimi’s passion for aircraft shone through again in Q1 on Saturday…

Middle finger? What middle finger?

Kimi was in great form just in this interview alone. Great to see him having so much fun. Week in, week out.

Danny boy

From one great character to another: Daniel Ricciardo still made his presence felt, even though he is struggling to do that on the track with Renault.

And only Danny Ric could style this out. We would have been absolutely flat on our face in the same situation.

He rounded off his weekend trying to annoy Sebastian Vettel, just in case he wasn’t in a bad mood already…

Listen to Seb

You may have noticed Sebastian has had a bit of a chip on his shoulder since the Canadian Grand Prix. But, in these troubling times, he is speaking a lot of truth.

When no agreement was reached on returning to the 2018 Pirelli tyres, Vettel just came out with the best solution to fix Formula 1 in future seasons.

We can absolutely get behind this.

And, not sure about you, but does it sound like Vettel is absolutely done with the FIA? Hard to tell…

You can also tell how much he is pining for the old days. Here he is ogling Niki Lauda’s Ferrari 312T.

Stay strong, Seb!

Just Ferrari things

Whilst we’re on the subject of Ferrari, it appears they shot themselves in the foot again (and we’re not just talking about the botched Vettel pit stop).

The three hours it took for the FIA to make a decision on the Verstappen/Leclerc incident created an environment reminiscent of the Wild West on social media.

A whole lot of media outlets fell for this fake FIA document doing the rounds prior to the official announcement.

We can only guess that some members of the Ferrari garage fell for it too…

Any other business

Max Verstappen had the perfect response to a question about a rumoured exit clause in his Red Bull contract.

And K-Mag had the perfect response when he absolutely nailed his Q3 lap. Shame about what happened after that though.

And as soon as Lando Norris said ‘forever’ on team radio. We knew what was coming next…

Last word

It’s over to McLaren CEO Zak Brown this week. This was a really nice touch from him considering the very messy years they had with Honda power.

Onto Silverstone we go…

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