Pit Chat: Ferrari even more of a laughing stock

Mark Scott

The jokes continue at Ferrari’s expense, while Max Verstappen continues to somehow have fun in a predictable Formula 1 world.

Time to take a look back over the stand-out images, clips and social media posts from the Belgian Grid Prix weekend…


The on-track action may be lacking in recent races but thankfully the drivers are doing their best to still be entertaining.

Max Verstappen channelled his inner Fernando Alonso in the post-race press conference after a rather lonely race trying to chase down the two Mercedes cars.

It led to the most predictable (yet still very funny) Photoshop of all time.

But we very much like the mood Max is in at the moment. He’s been in very good spirits despite knowing he’s going to have to wait at least another year for a title battle.

He also politely told his old team-mate Daniel Ricciardo where to go when the Aussie almost pipped him to P3 on the starting grid at Spa.

And there was this simply lovely touch after the race.

Comedy club

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Ferrari…it does. For the first time since 2010, both Ferrari cars finished the race and both finished outside the points.

They are going to be the butt of many a Formula 1 joke for a long time to come until they finally sort their sh*t out.

Lando Norris knew exactly what was coming Charles Leclerc’s way and let everyone know about it during one of his legendary Twitch streams.

Then out came the rebranded Ferrari badge as the troubles continued throughout the weekend.

Then, if that wasn’t cruel enough…

The most defining image though came after qualifying when both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel were unable to drag their awful cars into Q3.

All that is left to do is laugh…or else you will most certainly be crying.

A close second was Mattia Binotto’s reaction to the lack of pace.

Any other business

Elsewhere, it was good to see Ziggo Sport has moved on from Verstappen v Ocon in Brazil 2018. Bit much, eh?

Lando was a little bit naughty himself though. You literally have to drag him away sometimes!

Away from Formula 1, we absolutely loved this oddly satisfying clip from F3. Hypnotic.

And Daniel Ricciardo was just saying what is on many people’s minds…

Last word

A special mention has to go to Pierre Gasly. To put in the drive he did at a track where he lost his close friend a year ago shows the amazing resolve and spirit this young 24-year-old man has.

We hope Anthoine liked it, too.

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