Pit Chat: Hamilton doesn’t just have an eye on Ferrari

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

It’s not just Ferrari catching Lewis Hamilton’s eye in Abu Dhabi, while Daniel Ricciardo is caught…just looking at himself on television.

The best bits from the final race of the 2019 season… *cries*

Walking in a Walter Wonderland

It’s Abu Dhabi. There’s a press conference. It can only mean one thing:  it’s Walter Koster time.

Koster has achieved legendary status over the years for his now trademark long questions and he was back with another one in the lead-up to the season finale at the Yas Marina circuit.

And here it is in all its glory in text form:

“Charles, before I start my question, I have to remind you of five races. No doubt you have had more good races than bad ones. But if we stick to the less good races with bad luck, mishaps, such as Baku where the Ferrari hit the barriers, and Bahrain, where you lost the lead due to an engine problem, in Austria, being catched [sic] by Max, and Monaco your first home race was very disappointing with last place and probably the low point in Hockenheim it was a mistake of the driver, and last in Brazil finished after a battle with your teammate. Now my question to the pop star of Formula 1. What was your best race among your worse races? Can you give us please a ranking regarding your five not so good races starting with the worst. I’m a polite person, or man, please excuse this question, but I still hope for an answer. Thank you.”

Netflix and…laugh at Mercedes in Germany

In that same pre-weekend conference, Max Verstappen gave a cheeky answer to what season highlight he would include in the next series of ‘Drive to Survive’. Don’t worry, Max, I think we’ll be seeing plenty of that.

Catching the eye

Verstappen was part of another funny press conference moment with Lewis Hamilton after qualifying on Saturday.

Not just Ferrari catching your eye is it, Lewis?

And well done for stopping the conversation just before Max got in trouble with his girlfriend.

If you’re struggling to pick up the mics…

Lewis to Max: Man, there’s so many girls here
Max: Starts laughing
Lewis: I mean there’s so many
Max: Still laughing
Lewis: Oh, you have a girlfriend don’t you?
Max: Nods

Any other business

Late contender for radio message of the season? We think so.

Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo was just being Daniel Ricciardo.

His first season at Renault, though, has really taken its toll…

Daniel Ricciardo

We also very much enjoyed Robin Raikkonen making himself chief engineer for his father this weekend.

And one Formula 1 fan has a great idea to make the sport the most competitive it has ever been…

Last Word

One last trip to Kimi Corner? Why not…

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