Pit Chat: A moment of regret for Lewis Hamilton

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton's Imola strategy explained by Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton makes us reach for the sick bucket, George Russell makes us cry and Kimi Raikkonen makes everything ok again.

Time to take a look back over the stand-out images, clips and social media posts from the Emilia Romagna Grid Prix weekend.


We have got a lot of emotional baggage to drop off in here and most of it is related to George Russell, who was *this* close to earning his first-ever World Championship point.

From the elation of reaching Q2 once again on Saturday…

To despair on Sunday as his cold tyres caught him out under Safety Car conditions.

Whilst it was painful to see Russell waste a glorious opportunity, it was nice to see some of his fellow drivers sympathise with him.

George Russell

He has shown more than enough in what has been uncompetitive machinery for almost two years to earn this sort of reaction.

And if there is one other small crumb of comfort we can take from this unfortunate event, it’s this absolutely majestic Photoshop effort.

Never say never

But, there are absolutely no crumbs of comfort to be found in Lewis Hamilton’s vomit-inducing decision to do a podium shoey with Daniel Ricciardo. What happened to saying you would never do one, Lewis?!

Just like you can pinpoint the exact moment Ralph Wiggum’s heart breaks in two, you can also pinpoint the exact moment where Hamilton regretted his decision to do it.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton's Imola strategy explained by Mercedes.

We bet he can still faintly taste Danny Ric’s sweaty socks even now.

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo glad to still have something to fight for in 2020.

Best of the rest

In other news, we are so glad Kimi is sticking around for another year.

Lando Norris showed good friends really are there for each other.

Max Verstappen was on the fence with regards to his thoughts on ‘Mode 8’. Tell us how you really feel, Max…

And if ever there was an image to reflect the team dynamics at Ferrari this year, then this is it. It’s almost over now, Seb.

No "shortcuts", Sebastian Vettel was always going to see out 2020 with Ferrari.

Last word

More of a last image in this edition of Pit Chat. Haas certainly aren’t close to winning anything on the track, but off it? Well that’s a different story after their Halloween tweet.

Next up: Turkey…

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