Pit Chat: Verstappen and his Ocon/Brazil flashback

Mark Scott
Max Verstappen: Esteban Ocon collision karma for dad's crash

Max Verstappen: Esteban Ocon collision karma for dad's crash

Max Verstappen gets Interlagos flashbacks, the RP20 saga gets out of control and Toto Wolff gets into trouble…

Time to take a look back over the stand-out images, clips and social media posts from the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix weekend…

Uh oh Toto

Mercedes, having already won on four and three wheels this season, unveiled their two wheel model in the build-up to race day number two at Silverstone.

Of course, it never stops there with Formula 1 fans, who always go that one step further…

But whilst all eyes on the scooters, ours were on Susie Wolff’s Twitter account to see what she had to say about her husband. She didn’t disappoint with this zinger.

Meet me halfway

The Racing Point copycat saga escalated to new heights following the FIA’s decision to deduct them 15 points and fine them 400,000 big ones for good measure.

But it’s just really getting out of hand now. Renault were the main ones protesting and now they start copying themselves…pfft.

Daniel Ricciardo Renault

The fall-out from the FIA decision ensured there were plenty of interesting conversations taking place out in the open to discuss the ramifications.

Christian Horner asked Mattia Binotto if he was interested in buying an RB16 painted red next year.

Ferrari Red Bull PIt Chat only

And here was Toto Wolff just making sure if McLaren definitely want those Mercedes engines…

Mellow Max

But whilst there was plenty of tension around the F1 paddock, it was Max Verstappen of all people providing some light entertainment as he cruised to victory at Silverstone.

He did have one heart-stopping moment before the finish, though, as he saw he was about to lap a Renault. It wasn’t his good mate Esteban Ocon again was it?

Phew. No pushing in the weigh room this time…

It was certainly a shock to the system seeing someone other than Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes winning. We guess old habits really do die hard for Lewis!

Any other business

In other news, Romain Grosjean is set to appear in a remake of Titanic. Did you miss that news? Well, see for yourself…

Daniel Ricciardo outstayed his welcome on Sky Sports, making for a silky smooth (eventual) exit:

But seriously, is it 2021 yet?

And just when it appeared Williams had stopped being completely embarrassing…

Last word

Talking of embarrassing, over to Lando Norris for the latest scoop on the 2021 Ferrari car…

Next stop Spain!

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