Pit Chat: Not bad for a Twitch streamer!

Mark Scott
Lando Norris McLaren

Lando Norris should definitely quit the day job, Daniel Ricciardo has some rustiness to shake off and Sebastian Vettel deserves a little more respect.

If you are new around here or just need a reminder (it’s been far too long), Pit Chat brings together the best clips, talking points and images on and off the track for you to relive the race weekend.

Thankfully, the season opening Austrian Grand Prix did not disappoint in the slightest.

We’re back!

Seven months is a long time, isn’t it? Well it certainly is with no Formula 1 action in our lives.

We were struggling to put our excitement  into words as Friday practice got underway at the Red Bull Ring but Carlos Sainz captured it quite well we thought…

There was concern in the build-up that the drivers would have a lot of rustiness to shake off and those fears became clear with Daniel Ricciardo. His usual impeccable language skills were way off.

He was thankfully much better in his native tongue though…

A man of many talents

Let’s focus on the main man shall we? Full-time Twitch streamer Lando Norris managed to bring himself away from Call of Duty Warzone to casually plonk his McLaren car into a podium spot for the first time his career.

The last lap and the resulting team radio was an absolute joy to behold.

And that wasn’t the only content Lando was creating in Austria. He is quite the comedian as well.

Williams were not the only ones in the firing line either…poor Jarv.

And it seems Racing Point are never going to be able to shake off the ‘pink Mercedes’ tag.

Any other business

While Mercedes reintroduced their DAS innovation to the Formula 1 world, Williams’ plans to improve their tyre degradation didn’t quite go to plan.

Alex Wurz’s contact list on WhatsApp is the envy of many but we were not surprised in the slightest that Kimi Raikkonen left the GPDA chairman on unread.

One thing we certainly wasn’t expecting though was a Formula 1 and Have I Got News For You? crossover. Sick bags at the ready.

Maybe keep the sick bags for this clip as well.

Sorry for making you watch that.

And Romain Grosjean reminded one media outlet of his Formula 1 credentials after being the butt of another joke.

You tell them, Romain.

Last word…

It’s a shame Sebastian Vettel didn’t have this sign from an interview last year to hold up when Ferrari said the decision for him to leave at the end of the season was a mutual one.

Vettel may not be the driver he once was but show him some damn respect.

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