Pit Chat: Toto Wolff puts in a call to God

Pit Chat: God is a Mercedes fan

Pit Chat: God is a Mercedes fan

Divine intervention sees Mercedes win in Germany, Fernando Alonso has comeback of the season and Billy Monger upstages Daniel Ricciardo. It’s Pit Chat time.

But first…

There’s only one Walter Koster

This won’t come as a surprise to you but the FIA drivers’ press conferences on a Thursday can be a bit dull. It was no different in Germany, until the legendary Walter Koster popped up with one of his, let’s say, unique questions.

You can tell Brendon Hartley is still new to Formula 1, the smiles on the faces of Sergio Perez, Nico Hulkenberg and Sebastian Vettel show they know exactly what is coming.

Done deal

And so the pieces of the 2019 puzzle are beginning to fall into place as both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas signed new contracts with Mercedes.

Daniel Ricciardo wasn’t happy when he found out…

And it is nice to see all the speculation surrounding Hamilton’s future has ended now he has finally committed his future.

Oh no, wait…

And another view…

Guess the speculation will never truly die.

Say my name

There is still plenty of speculation surrounding a certain driver called Charles Leclerc. You may have heard of him.

Leclerc is so accustomed to people talking about him now that he can hear it from miles away.

An emotional return

We are not sure how the secret didn’t get out beforehand but we could not believe our eyes when Brawn GP made a shock return during the first practice session at the Hockenheimring.

Williams: Used new front wing in Germany

It was another race weekend to forget for Williams after they suffered a double DNF just as things were starting to look a tiny bit better.

But at least Lance Stroll had some fun as he took part in Ziggo Sports’ always entertaining Yes/No game.

That mischievous grin when asked if golfing was the best way to relax after a race…

Drivers are much more relaxed when taking with the Dutch reporters. Here is Sebastian Vettel analysing his performance in qualifying…

That’s the sort of insight we are after!

Professional sh*t-stirrer and prankster Christian Horner did manage to sneak this in on Sky Sports, though.

Well played, Christian.

Verstappen v Gasly

Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly are good mates, so it is only natural for one to rinse the other for the whole world to see on social media.

Check out the comments…


A post shared by Pierre Gasly 🇫🇷 (@pierregasly) on

We think this is incredibly rich from Max, considering he is still not capable of growing a full moustache.

Seconds out…round two

But the driver battle which had us reaching for the popcorn was between Fernando Alonso and Kevin Magnussen. Picking up where they left off at Silverstone.

It all started with this from the Haas driver…

K-Mag: “Alonso does complain a lot on the radio. Even great athletes like Neymar, they exaggerate a bit.”

Which naturally had many heading for Photoshop quicker than you can say “GP2 engine”.

But K-Mag was not so far off the truth. We have seen Fernando take a tumble or two in his time…

Alonso, of course, was not going to let that Neymar comment go without a savage reply and he duly delivered.

Alonso: “I am two-times World Champion and he’s trying to get some points so I can’t answer everyone’s comments.”

Alonso wasn’t finished there, either. Here he is dismissing a driver with 136 starts to his name as a mere “amateur”.

Is it any wonder Fernando is so sassy when things like this are happening?

And then the strategy call then ruined his race, which he was immediately sceptical about when he was told to box.

He still has his adoring fans, though.

Amazing fans 🇩🇪❤️

A post shared by Fernando Alonso (@fernandoalo_oficial) on

Divine intervention

Ferrari haven’t got a chance this season now we know that God is a Mercedes fan. Lewis Hamilton opened talks with the Lord after his disastrous qualifying session…

And Toto Wolff finalised the deal with the big man upstairs during the race…

Talk about an unfair advantage. There was even a downpour of biblical proportions after the chequered flag for crying out loud. How much more evidence do you need?

And credit to DHL for pouncing on their opportunity for some free marketing when Vettel crashed into one of their advert barriers.

We now know why it was so difficult for a winner to emerge at the German Grand Prix. Everyone was trying to avoid going home with one of these, erm, trophies.

But any race which sees the entire range of tyres on display, dry and wet, gets a big tick in our book. Pierre Gasly on full wets provided one of the bigger laughs of the season.

Any other business

In some quarters (looking at you, internet), Valtteri Bottas is known as Valtteri Ro-bottas. Good to see him embracing the meme on his way into the paddock.

Max Verstappen’s front jack man did not appreciate a little tyre lock-up.

And Lewis Hamilton has trouble fitting in at a party…


Last word

It has to go to Billy Monger for his awesome celebration when finishing on the podium in the British F3 series at Spa over the weekend.

Your move, Ricciardo.

Roll on Hungary.

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