Your Bahrain Grand Prix driver ratings: Hamilton misses top 10 and surprise Tsunoda score

Sam Cooper
Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes garage looking at data.

Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes garage.

In the first’s readers ratings of the F1 2024 season, it was no surprise to see who came out on top.

New for 2024 we asked you to rate the drivers to go along with our own scores and the results are in for who you as an audience think was best in Bahrain.

1.) Max Verstappen 8.93 (-1.07 from PF1 score)

It should come as little surprise that Max Verstappen scored the highest considering he was excellent in the race but the average was lower than the perfect 10 we gave him.

As with any online poll, there will be those that skew the value and the 68 of you that voted for 1/10 have certainly brought the Dutchman down.

10 was the most popular choice with 70.3% of the vote which seems a fairer reflection of how the Red Bull man did.

2.) Carlos Sainz – 8.53 (-0.97 from PF1 score)

Next was the Smooth Operator Carlos Sainz who defied pre-season exception to outperform his team-mate to finish on the podium in Bahrain.

Almost a quarter of the vote believe he deserved a 10 but the most popular answer was the 44.3% of you that chose a 9.

3.) Sergio Perez – 7.43 (-1.07 from PF1 score)

Into the 7s we go and top of them was Sergio Perez who again showed a knack of being able to recover from a poor quali.

The majority of you picked 8 as his ranking but the overall average was 7.43.

4.) George Russell – 7.16 (-0.84 from PF1 score)

Just missing out on the top three was George Russell, who had to battle with power unit issues throughout but still managed to finish with a good score of points.

His most popular rating was marginally an 8 with 7 not too far behind.

5.) Lando Norris – 7.05 (-0.45 from PF1 score)

Bahrain 2024 certainly went better than Bahrain 2023 for Lando Norris with his first opening race points score since 2021.

His score could be even higher come next week with the Saudi circuit predicted to suit the McLaren car much more.

6.) Charles Leclerc – 7.03 (-1.47 from PF1 score)

A nightmare race for Charles Leclerc was still salvaged to a P4 finish as a brake balance issue saw him go wide almost every lap.

Despite dropping from the front row, most of you recognised that was not Leclerc’s fault and he scored just marginally more than a 7.

7.) Fernando Alonso – 6.75 (-0.25 from PF1 score)

Considering he was on the podium this time last year, a 6.75 will be lower than Fernando Alonso had hoped for to start 2024.

The Aston car currently looks the fourth best on the grid but that could all change as the season progresses.

8.) Oscar Piastri – 6.65 (-0.35 from PF1 score)

Another solid drive for young Oscar Piastri’s resume and you voted an average of 6.65 for his rating.

The Australian’s most popular rating was 7 and 1.8% of you even voted for a 10.

9.) Lance Stroll – 6.54 (-1.96 from PF1 score)

For what was an excellent recovery drive, Lance Stroll has been handed a 6.54.

It was the good and the bad from the Canadian with a spin going into Turn 1 on the first lap followed by some consistent driving for the rest of the grand prix.

Just over a quarter of you voted for a rating of 7 with 20.3% going for an 8. Next on the list was the 17.7% who voted for 6 so a 6.54 seems a fair score.

10.) Zhou Guanyu – 6.53 (-1.47 from PF1 score)

One of the closest ratings on the grid with 23.1% of you going for a 7 while 22.6% went for an 8.

It may not have been a top 10 finish in the race but Zhou Guanyu’s performance was deemed worthy of a top 10 spot in your ratings.

11.) Lewis Hamilton – 6.14 (-0.86 from PF1 score)

An underwhelming way to start the year for Lewis Hamilton saw you give him 6.14 and push him into the lower half of the grid.

31.3% of you said a 7 but there was then a sharp drop off of just 7.7% who voted for an 8. recommends

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12.) Kevin Magnussen – 6.11 (-0.89 from PF1 score)

Kevin Magnussen’s drive would have given Haas a lot of encouragement for what’s to come this year and the majority of you thought he drove well.

His was also a very close run race but 7 proved to be the most popular even if his average is lower.

13.) Yuki Tsunoda – 6.05 (+0.05 from PF1 score)

It seems most of you overlooked Yuki Tsunoda’s defying of team orders and nearly crashing into his own team-mate as the Japanese driver actually rated better than Daniel Ricciardo.

Tsunoda started 11th but dropped back to 14th in Bahrain.

14.) Alex Albon – 6.04 (+0.04 from PF1 score)

Not quite the heroics we are used to seeing with Alex Alon as the Williams car looked a little off the pace.

He finished just 0.01 behind Tsunoda and his most popular rating was the 30.2% of you that voted for a 6.

15.) Nico Hulkenberg – 5.75 (-1.25 from PF1 score)

A score that would no doubt have been much higher had it not been for some bad luck in the opening lap.

Nico Hulkenberg’s great quali performance was wiped away as he crashed into Stroll in lap 1 but in fairness to the German, he recovered to not finish last.

16.) Daniel Ricciardo – 5.27 (-1.23 from PF1 score)

Definitely one of your harsher ratings with Ricciardo scoring a little over half marks.

The Australian had talked up RB’s chances in 2024 but that failed to materialise with both drivers finishing outside of the points.

17=.) Pierre Gasly – 4.82 (-1.68 from PF1 score)

A score Alpine would not have wanted to see but probably would have expected as they braced for a terrible start to the year.

You decided that Pierre Gasly was the better of the two Alpine drivers but with a score of 4.82, it is not something he will be too happy about.

17=.) Valtteri Bottas – 4.82 (-0.18 from PF1 score)

Perhaps the biggest discrepancy between team-mates came at Stake with veteran Valtteri Bottas being thoroughly shown up by Zhou.

The Finn looked off the pace in Bahrain and your 4.82 rating, the same as Gasly’s, is a fair one.

19.) Esteban Ocon – 4.76 (-1.74 from PF1 score)

Another Alpine driver below 5 is Esteban Ocon who scores just marginally less than his team-mate. A race to forget for both the driver and the team.

20.) Logan Sargeant – 3.89 (-1.61 from PF1 score)

The only driver to have an off but the young American was at least able to keep the car going.

Williams say it was an issue with the steering wheel but it was not the start to season Logan Sargeant would have hoped for.

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