Ranking the launches of all 10 F1 teams as the 2024 season draws nearer

Sam Cooper
The launches of the RB20, C44 and FW43

Who hit the ground running and who failed to get off the launch pad?

Launch season, loathe it or love it, is over with all 10 teams having lifted the covers but while some opted for more muted affairs, others went all out.

Launches can be a tricky thing to get right. Go too bombastic and it can come back to haunt you if results do not go your way, but go too under the radar and your sponsors and fans may have something to say.

But while we do not know who will be victorious this year just yet, we can look back at all the launches with unbiased eyes and rank them from the most extravagant to the barely noticeable.

10.) Haas’ new era starts tamely

Often revealing first but choosing to go for a digital rendering of the livery rather than a physical car means Haas are rarely going to score highly for their launch.

This year though there was at least some intrigue with it being the first car under Ayao Komatsu after Guenther Steiner was let go.

Still, there was no big spectacle and it was only a few weeks later when we saw the VF-24 take to the track.

9.) Fernando Alonso the headline as Aston Martin unveil AMR24

Aston Martin were a similar story, leaving behind the live streamed event of last season for a simple video reveal but at least there was a real car to look at.

We got some interviews too with Fernando Alonso raising a few eyebrows with certain comments.

8.) Williams take to the US

Williams were one of two teams to launch their car from the US but theirs was a rather muted affair.

Jenson Button was in attendance but the interviews with team principal James Vowles and drivers Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant were pre-recorded. There was also no running of the car on a track. That will have to wait until next week with the start of pre-season testing.

=6.) Mercedes and McLaren’s muted launch

These two had surprisingly muted reveals, particularly from McLaren, but we did enjoy seeing both cars take to a wet Silverstone for some pre-season running.

Of the two, Mercedes were the more open with McLaren opting to hide just about as much as they could and why would they do that you ask? “Because we can” was Lando Norris’ response.

5.) RB20 launched but elephant in the room far more noticeable

Red Bull were the last team to reveal their car but they did so under the cloud caused by the investigation into Christian Horner.

He himself denied the claims but admitted it was a “distraction.”

Car wise, it was a dramatic departure from what we saw with the all-conquering RB19.

4.) Not one but two cars for Alpine

Alpine’s launch was a little different as they lifted the covers on not one but two cars in the form of their WEC and F1 challengers.

To do that, they invited the media to Enstone before getting all the drivers up onto the stage undying one Mick Schumacher.

Car wise, the A424 was far nicer to look at then the A524.

3.) Visa Las Vegas

With American sponsors Visa and CashApp onboard, it was unsurprising to see RB launched Stateside and there is no more obvious place to do it than Las Vegas.

Drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda were present as the team lifted the covers on the gorgeous looking VCARB 01 and after the kickback following the name, they got some fans back onside with the Toro Rosso-inspired design.

2.) Ferrari take to Fiorano

While it was not quite 2023’s lifting of the garage door to reveal the car, it is always special to see the Ferrari car take to Fiorano for the first time.

Ferrari’s actual reveal was a little over a minute long and they did not paint themselves in glory by posting a video of a less than optimal pit stop accompanied with the words “poetry in motion.”

But ignoring that, the way the sun hit what is an excellent livery was a memorable way for Ferrari to start the year.

1.) Stake F1’s party in a London castle

Say what you like about the new Stake branding but they are not afraid to throw a party. The team’s Swiss base was cast aside in favour of the Guildhall in London, a building that dates back to the 15th century.

The whole building was transformed into a green and black show and although the word “unleashed” was used far too much, it was nice to see something a little different than the standard reveal.

Points will be knocked off though for revealing a show car rather than their actual runner.

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