Revisiting PlanetF1’s 2021 season predictions

Max Verstappen after winning the Abu Dhabi GP. Yas Marina December 2021.

Max Verstappen holding his trophy after winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Yas Marina December 2021.

Come for some bold predictions becoming a reality, and stay to laugh at the Sergio Perez title dream and a clean sweep for Daniel Ricciardo…

The original predictions piece in all its glorious, or perhaps gory, detail is right here.

Who wins the Drivers’ World Championship? (1 point)

Michelle: Lewis Hamilton

Mark: Lewis Hamilton

Jon: Lewis Hamilton

Finley: Lewis Hamilton

Jamie: Sergio Perez

Verdict: If we are being completely honest with ourselves, four of us should be off the mark straight away here but let’s not open that can of worms again, shall we? Maybe Abu Dhabi was the ultimate punishment for going super-safe in our predictions, apart from Jamie. We probably should have tested him before he started his shift, even if he was ultimately closer to getting the right answer by picking a Red Bull driver. Still not getting any points though.

Michelle: 0 Mark: 0 Jon: 0 Finley: 0 Jamie: 0

And which team will win the Constructors’ World Championship? (1 point)

Michelle: Red Bull

Mark: Mercedes

Jon: Mercedes

Finley: Red Bull

Jamie: Red Bull

Verdict: “Every fibre” of Finley’s being told him not to bet against Mercedes and yet he did anyway. Hopefully he has learned the valuable lesson of always trusting your instincts. No points for him, Michelle or Jamie but Mark and Jon are up and running with their incredibly brave choices.

Michelle: 0 Mark: 1 Jon: 1 Finley: 0 Jamie: 0

Excluding Mercedes and Red Bull, which team will finish highest? (1 point)

Michelle: Ferrari

Mark: McLaren

Jon: McLaren

Finley: McLaren

Jamie: McLaren

Verdict: Michelle is looking very smug right now and rightly so after resisting the temptation to pick McLaren. She should get a Ferrari tattoo to celebrate…oh, wait. Finley and Jamie start to sweat a little and not because we have turned up the heating over winter in PlanetF1 towers.

Michelle: 1 Mark: 1 Jon: 1 Finley: 0 Jamie: 0

And which team will finish with the wooden spoon? (1 point)

Michelle: Haas

Mark: Haas

Jon: Haas

Finley: Haas

Jamie: Haas

Verdict: Absolute scenes. Everyone is now off the mark! Admittedly we were all given quite the helping hand by Haas themselves, who basically just flat-out told everyone 2021 may as well not exist because they are doing absolutely nothing with their tank of a car this season – so put your shirt back on, Finley, let’s keep celebrations to a minimum, please.

Michelle: 2 Mark: 2 Jon: 2 Finley: 1 Jamie: 1

Now would be a good time to just run us through the full team pecking order… (1 point for each correct place)

Michelle: Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, AlphaTauri, Alpine, Alfa Romeo, Williams, Haas.

Mark: Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Alpine, AlphaTauri, Alfa Romeo, Williams, Haas.

Jon: Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Alpine, AlphaTauri, Aston Martin, Williams, Alfa Romeo, Haas.

Finley: Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren, Alpine, Ferrari, AlphaTauri, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Williams, Haas.

Jamie: Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren, AlphaTauri, Ferrari, Alpine, Aston Martin, Williams, Alfa Romeo, Haas.

Verdict: Jon surges into the lead and was only a Ferrari/McLaren swap away from a full house, which would have been some effort. On the bright side, he has just stopped hundreds of people asking him for this week’s lottery numbers.

Michelle: 6 Mark: 5 Jon: 10 Finley: 4 Jamie: 5

On to some driver battles now. Norris v Ricciardo, who wins? (1 point if correct)

Michelle: Ricciardo

Mark: Ricciardo

Jon: Ricciardo

Finley: Ricciardo

Jamie: Ricciardo

Verdict: We are so, so sorry Lando.

Michelle: 6 Mark: 5 Jon: 10 Finley: 4 Jamie: 5

And how about the battle between two former World Champs: Vettel v Alonso? (1 point if correct)

Michelle: Vettel

Mark: Alonso

Jon: Alonso

Finley: Alonso

Jamie: Alonso

Verdict: Michelle clearly had not read ‘El Plan’ but Mark, Jon, Finley and Jamie have all offered their copies to her ahead of the 2022 season.

Michelle: 6 Mark: 6 Jon: 11 Finley: 5 Jamie: 6

Let’s have your thoughts on Leclerc v Sainz at Ferrari… (1 point if correct)

Michelle: Leclerc

Mark: Leclerc

Jon: Leclerc

Finley: Leclerc

Jamie: Leclerc

Verdict: We are so, so sorry Carlos.

Michelle: 6 Mark: 6 Jon: 11 Finley: 5 Jamie: 6

And one final battle…Gasly v Tsunoda. Which driver comes out on top? (1 point if correct)

Michelle: Gasly

Mark: Tsunoda

Jon: Tsunoda

Finley: Gasly

Jamie: Tsunoda

Verdict: Shame on Mark, Jon and Jamie for heading into the pre-season trap we all know not to fall into. One of these days, we will learn.

Michelle: 7 Mark: 6 Jon: 11 Finley: 6 Jamie: 6

The one we’ve all been waiting for…give us one bold prediction for the 2021 season. (5 points if correct)

Michelle: Max Verstappen and George Russell form Mercedes 2022 line-up

Mark: Sergio Perez to win at least three races

Jon: George Russell and Nicholas Latifi to score points for Williams at least twice each

Finley: Ricciardo will get a win and Alonso will get a podium.

Jamie: Perez will be crowned 2021 World Champion, but not be retained by Red Bull for 2022.

Verdict: We are now wondering if Jamie doubling down on his Sergio Perez title prediction was actually a call for help that we did not notice at the time or whether Sergio paid him to be his hype man for the 2021 season. Jon and Finley cannot keep the grins off their faces and it is sickening, quite frankly.

PlanetF1 World Championship standings

Jon – 16 points
Finley – 11 points
Michelle – 7 points
Mark and Jamie – 6 points

There we have it, Jon is PlanetF1 World Champion and there is not a manipulation of the rules in sight…fancy that. Jon saw off a late charge from Finley, who is forced to settle for second spot and Michelle completes the podium. In true Haas style, Mark and Jamie are left at the back – but are slightly comforted by the fact that even they scored more points than them this year.

At least the 2022 predictions will be so much easier…