Six insanely luxurious mansions and estates owned by F1 drivers

Lewis Hamilton sits with a drink. F1 Monaco May 2023.

Seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton sits with a drink. Monaco May 2023.

It is well-known that most F1 drivers are extremely private about their lives off the racetrack, but what we do know is that most of them own incredible properties – or portfolios of properties. take a look at what is known about the homes of six of the most famous F1 drivers.

Lewis Hamilton’s opulent mansion in Monte Carlo

Lewis Hamilton owns a portfolio of luxury properties across the world. One of his most exclusive properties is his opulent mansion located in the Fontvieille district in Monte Carlo, Monaco – a popular part of the Principality for Formula 1 drivers to reside.

The property offers breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea and is situated in one of the world’s most exclusive locations.

Although not much is known about this property, Hamilton once shared a snap on social media of his wonderful view. He captioned it: “A place I call home, Monte Carlo. I am so blessed to live in such an incredible place. God is really shining down on me today.”

Hamilton lives in Monaco most of the time, and it is believed that a top-floor apartment would have set him back somewhere in the region of £30 million.

Sebastian Vettel’s secluded cottage farmhouse in Switzerland

Four-time World Champion, Sebastian Vettel is probably one of the most private figures in motorsport, so it isn’t easy to get details on where he lives.

We do know that he owns a $7 million farmhouse in Thurgau in the northeast of Switzerland. Classified as a ‘farmhouse cottage’, the property may appear less glamorous than some F1 drivers, but it is still appears highly luxurious to the average person!

The house has a minimum of four bedrooms and offers plenty of space for Vettel and his family to include a large living room and a mini theatre.

Set in stunning and secluded grounds, the F1 star values his privacy and even reportedly requested that the Canton of Thurgau, the local government, delete his online land registry so nobody could find out which properties were his.

Kimi Räikkönen’s luxury mansion in Switzerland

Retired F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen is also a resident of Switzerland, and he owns a fabulous mansion in Baar, a municipality in the central Canton of Zug.

Purchased for a cool £24 million in 2009, the luxury mansion is known as ‘Butterfly’ to the family – but for reasons unbeknownst to us. The villa offers around 3,000 square feet of living space and boasts an indoor and outdoor pool – after all, it does get very cold in Switzerland in the winter months!

Räikkönen’s house also incorporates an underground garage that can accommodate up to 10 cars, with cars such as the Ferrari SF71H among his collection, with which he won his last race for Ferrari at the 2018 United States Grand Prix.

Michael Schumacher’s luxurious estate in Switzerland

Seven-time World Champion, Michael Schumacher spent many years residing in his vast and luxurious estate in Gland, Switzerland. He first purchased the estate – often referred to as Sur Le Moulin – back in 2002 for £3 million, just before he secured his fifth Formula 1 World Championship with Scuderia Ferrari.

The property spans several acres and is surrounded by lush greenery. It includes a main house, multiple outbuildings, and a private lake. The estate is situated in the small town of Gland, located on the northern shore of Lake Geneva and known for its natural beauty and tranquil surroundings.

During his career, Schumacher always kept his life away from the track out of the spotlight, and his family continue to do so following his skiing accident in 2013 that has kept him out of the public eye since. recommends

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Daniel Ricciardo’s pad in Los Angeles

Ricciardo first moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and bought his first home in 2018 for a reported $13 million. His bachelor pad is situated in Beverly Hills and boasts sweeping views of LA and the Coldwater Canyon.

Originally built in the 1960s, Ricciardo’s mansion features five luxury bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms (as they like to say in America, but what even is half a bathroom anyway?) and a luxury two-car garage over two levels.

Within the sprawling grounds lies a swimming pool, spa and hot tub, and a massive terrace – perfect for entertaining guests.

The mansion is one of three properties owned by the eight-time F1 race winner, which also include a farm near his native city of Perth, Australia, and an apartment in Monte Carlo, Monaco.