Verstappen clears air with Renault…sort of

Max Verstappen: Clarifies Renault spat

Max Verstappen: Clarifies Renault spat

Max Verstappen has said it was never his “intention” to “put Renault down” after a love/mainly hate relationship came to an end this season.

Red Bull and Renault traded pretty ugly blows for all to see in their final year together, with Verstappen very vocal throughout the season about the downfalls of their engine manufacturer.

Renault would respond to the criticism in various ways, including have a dig at Verstappen in one of their race previews.

But Verstappen has said he was just being honest with his feedback and it was never his intention to bad-mouth Renault and try and tarnish their reputation.

“It was never my intention to put them down, but I want to make it better,” Verstappen said via his website.

“Look, we now have a deal with Honda, but if we had continued with Renault next year, I would want us to make progress.

“I am just very clear in what I say. I can also say that they can take it easy, but I am not like that. It can and must be better and I just always want full commitment.

“However, you have to be open to criticism, that is how I grew up. I’m sorry if you can’t deal with that, but I’m not here to join in with the Olympic idea.

“I want to win and for that all parties have to be committed.”

Verstappen has once again spoken about his high hopes for new engine supplier, Honda, but is not expecting absolutely everything to run smoothly straightaway.

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