Heat and thunderstorms forecast for German GP

Michelle Foster

F1 could be in for a very wet German GP weekend, at least once the heat breaks which will be happening with the arrival of thunderstorms.

Friday’s practices will take place in extreme heat with the day’s high 39’C.

That is likely to mean the track temperature will reach the high 50s, if not even higher.

Saturday it will be a bit cooler with the day’s high 31’C, however, that’s because the thunderstorms are forecast to arrive.

Meteorologists are predicting a small chance of rain in the morning but that should getting steadily heavier in the afternoon.

There is a 45% chance of thunderstorms during Saturday’s qualifying.

As for Sunday, that will be cool and wet.

The day’s high is 23’C and the weatherman says there is a 70% chance of rain during the 67-lap German GP.

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