Toto Wolff would 'rather be a baddie than an idiot'
Wolff would ‘rather be a baddie than an idiot’
Making the unpopular call to issue team orders in Russia, Toto Wolff says he'd rather be the bad guy today than the "idiot" that lost the title at the end of the season.
Sebastian Vettel adamant he's not out of the fight
Vettel adamant he’s not out of the fight
Despite falling 50 points off the pace in the title race, Sebastian Vettel is refusing to concede defeat to Lewis Hamilton.
Mercedes juniors playing the 'long game'
Mercedes juniors playing the ‘long game’
As uncertainty continues to shroud Esteban Ocon's F1 future, Toto Wolff says Mercedes will have to play the "long game" with their junior drivers.
'Daniel Ricciardo to Renault, interesting for midfield'
‘Ricciardo to Renault, interesting for midfield’
Having Daniel Ricciardo racing in the midfield next season will show just how "strong" the competition is; that's according to Sergio Perez.
Canadian debut for the hypersoft Pirellis – for now
Pirelli have announced that their new hypersoft tyres will be used at the Canadian GP, although they are expected to also be raced in Monaco.