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Vettel ‘robbed’ by broken spark plug
Ferrari have confirmed that it was a "broken" spark plug that put an end to Sebastian Vettel's Japanese GP but insist he's not out of the title race.

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Massa on Hamilton, Verstappen battle
As one of the backmarkers who got involved in the end-of-race battle, Felipe Massa says there was no place to let Max Verstappen after initially making way for Lewis Hamilton.
Bottas ‘understands’ Japan GP position swap
Valtteri Bottas has no issue with Mercedes' call for him to move over for Lewis Hamilton in Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix.
Vettel ‘hurt’ after DNF, protective of Ferrari
A second DNF in three races dealt a huge blow to Sebastian Vettel's title hopes, however, he insists it is not over.
Bottas ran out of laps in Ricciardo battle
Valtteri Bottas believes he was on the right strategy in Japan to chase down Daniel Ricciardo, there just weren't "enough laps" left.