Stroll believes Vettel’s penalty was unfair

Finley Crebolder
Lance Stroll believes Sebastian Vettel was treated unfairly.

Lance Stroll believes Sebastian Vettel was treated unfairly.

Lance Stroll says it’s not fair that Sebastian Vettel was given a heavier penalty than him, as their offences were “exactly the same”.

The Racing Point driver was hit by Vettel when the German rejoined the track unsafely, but Stroll then did the same thing when recovering, almost hitting Pierre Gasly.

Vettel was given a 10-second stop and go penalty, while Stroll was only given a drive-through, which he believes is unfair on the Ferrari man.

“He got a 10-second stop and go. I got a drive-through, so I think that is not really fair because it was exactly the same thing that I did,” Stroll said, as quoted by

“I think it should have been an identical penalty.”

The Canadian was running in P7 when he was hit by Vettel and ended up finishing outside the points in P12.

“Seb came back on the track very aggressively, I was as cautious as I could be with the yellow flags but he was literally blocking the circuit coming back on the track the way he was,” Stroll added.

“I tried to avoid him but I think he clipped me, he clipped my rear-right and that spun me around. From there I came back on without being able to see anyone coming from my right so I tried to get back.

“I was in the middle of the circuit out of Turn 10 trying to get out of the way but I think something happened very similar to what happened with Seb. That’s racing and a lot of things are unfair about racing.”

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