Risk of a wet qualifying session in Monaco

Michelle Foster

Risk of a wet qualifying session in Monaco

Formula 1 could be in for a wet qualifying session, adding to the drama that is the Monaco Grand Prix.

This weekend Formula 1 is racing around the tight twisty streets of Monte Carlo, where brushing the barriers is a common occurrence even on a near perfect lap.

Throw in a bit of rain and the track layout becomes even more difficult.

While Thursday’s practices will take place in the sunshine, although the day’s high is just 18’C, the forecast says the clouds will move in on Friday.

This could lead in a wet qualifying.

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According to the forecasts there will be light rain during final practice with that intensifying in the early afternoon.

There is a 43 percent chance of rain between the hours of 3pm and 4, when qualifying takes place.

The rain will abate later in the day with sunshine forecast for Sunday’s 78-lap Monaco Grand Prix.

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