2019 rules made Red Bull ’15m Euros poorer’


Red Bull motorsport advisor, Dr Helmut Marko, says the new front wing regulations have set the team back 15m Euros…for nothing.

New, simplified front wings will be used by all teams in 2019 to try and improve the Formula 1 spectacle with more overtaking opportunities.

However, Marko has said Red Bull have already recovered a lot of the lost performance that the new regulations have caused.

“We are €15million poorer,” Marko told Motorsport.com.

“We have the same [aerodynamic] data as last summer.”

“By the time we get to Melbourne we’ll probably be better than that.

“[But] there is now a good basis for discussion between Mercedes, Ferrari and us. We agree that regulations must not be determined by technicians.

“As soon as technicians are involved, the costs increase and everything becomes complicated. Things have to be specified.”

Red Bull are due to reveal their 2019 challenger – the RB15 – at a special launch event at Silverstone in the lead-up to the first winter test on February 18.