2020 season to feature new TV graphics

Finley Crebolder

Six new TV graphics, developed by Amazon, will be introduced for the upcoming 2020 season, Formula 1 has announced.

The graphics are all being introduced to give viewers a “never-before-seen insight into the on-track action”.

The first of them, Car Performance Scores, will be seen at the opening race of the season in Austria. It will compare the speed of different cars throughout a lap, measuring straight-line speed, corner speeds and handling.

The next will be introduced at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone and will show how the current drivers compare to those from the past.

At the Belgian Grand Prix, there will be graphics to show how the drivers handle the fastest and slowest bends of the tracks.

The remaining three will all be introduced at some point in the second half of the season. They’re called Drivers Skills Rating, Team Development & Overall Season Performance, and Qualifying and Race Pce Predictions.

The data for the graphics will be gathered by over 300 sensors that are found on each car on the grid that send information back to the pits.

“Over the past two years, Formula 1 has embraced AWS’s services to perform intense and dynamic data analysis,” Rob Smedley, F1’s Chief Engineer, said.

“The F1 Insights we’re delivering together are bringing fans closer to the track than ever before, and unlocking previously untold stories and insights from behind the pit wall.

“We’re excited to be expanding this successful relationship to bring even more insights to life, allowing fans to go deeper into the many ways that drivers and racing teams work together to affect success.”

The graphics will be developed by a cloobarotation between Formula 1 and Amazon Web Services.

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