2021 engine regs ‘very much out for discussion’

Date published: July 11 2018 - Editor

Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff has revealed Formula 1 has not yet locked down the 2021 engine regulations despite earlier claims from Liberty Media that an announcement is close.

Liberty Media have put forward their proposals for the new engines rules that would come into effect in 2021 along with a new Concorde Agreement.

One of the aspects Liberty want to change is dropping the MGU-H, something Mercedes are opposed to.

But, after much discussion, Mercedes agreed to it only to apparently retract during last week’s Strategy Group meeting.

According to Autosport, Mercedes and the other engine manufacturers now want to keep the engines as they are after Liberty’s proposal failed to attract new manufacturers to the sport.

“It’s still very much out for discussion,” said Mercedes motorsport boss Wolff. “We had a presentation that would have meant a redesign of the engine.

“All four currently in F1 engaged OEMs would have given their preference, with an understanding that we maybe need a bit more noise, and a discussion around fuel consumption that’s important.

“But just for the benefit of redesigning an engine without anybody else entering doesn’t make a lot of sense.

“So if somebody would commit to come into F1 in the way that all four of us [Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, Honda] have committed ourselves, go through the lows and highs, the expenses and investment that it needs, then let’s discuss engine regulations.

“But if nobody’s inside, it’s an academic discussion.”

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