2021 regulation changes could be delayed

Ross Brawn: 2021 regulations could be delayed

Ross Brawn: 2021 regulations could be delayed

F1’s managing director of motorsport, Ross Brawn, has suggested plans to revamp the sport in 2021 could be delayed.

2021 has always been the year slated to introduce a raft of new regulations to Formula 1 following the end of the current Concorde Agreement in 2020.

The likes of Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have all signed contracts until the end of the 2020 season, factoring in the proposed date for a brand-new vision for Formula 1 with closer racing and a more competitive, level playing field at the forefront of a new era.

But Brawn has now cast doubt on those changes being introduced for the 2021 season and beyond, implying their current proposals are not attracting sufficient interest from potential new manufacturers.

“We want to try and create a set of technical regulations on the engine which are appealing to new manufacturers coming in as well as consolidate our existing engine suppliers,” Brawn said in an interview for the official Belgian Grand Prix race programme.

“I think we just need to think of our timing on that, whether 2021 is the right time to do that, or whether it’s better to keep that powder dry until we can be certain that major regulation change will bring fresh blood into the sport.

“There’s still quite a lot we can do on the engine side in terms of sporting regulations such as limits on dyno test time, number of upgrades during a season, consistency of specification to all customer teams etc.

“On the engine, we need to decide if now is the time to have a revolution or an evolution.”

Whilst there is now uncertainty over the technical regulations, plans are going ahead to introduce a budget cap in 2021 with the first phase of the initiative being implemented for the 2019 season.

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