Agreement reached in principle to delay 2021 regs

Mark Scott
Formula 1 rule breaking group created to eliminate 2021 regulations loopholes.

Formula 1 rule breaking group created to eliminate 2021 regulations loopholes.

All 10 teams have agreed to postpone the new proposed regulations until at least 2022 following a conference call with the FIA on Thursday.

The option had been on the table and discussed prior to the call and nine out of the 10 teams had initially given their backing to the delay, with Ferrari non-committal with their answer as they wanted more time to mull over their decision.

But now that decision has been made and it’s another yes, meaning an unanimous verdict has been reached to continue on with the current regulations until at least 2022.

As first reported by Autosport, the ‘plan is to keep the 2020 rules for a further season and freeze components such as the chassis and gearbox, and teams would then develop their cars to the new regulations during the 2021 season under the new financial regulations, which include a cost cap’.

The finer details of the agreement now need to be worked through and the final hurdle will be official ratification from the World Motor Sport Council before it is all officially set in stone.

This agreement is the latest in an increasingly long line of postponements and rearrangements.

We are now up to seven race postponements, with the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco joining Australia, Bahrain, China and Vietnam on the shelf.

The summer shutdown has also been brought forward to cover the months of March and April, rather than July and August, in the hope that the space created can lead to a packed Formula 1 schedule later in the year.

The new provisional starting month for Formula 1 is now June as the coronavirus pandemic continues to see the world hitting the pause button until the situation improves.

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