Bahrain Grand Prix weather: Three-day outlook for the F1 2023 season opener

Jamie Woodhouse
Bahrain flag during night at the circuit. March 2022.

Bahrain flag flies at the Bahrain International Circuit at night. March 2022.

The new Formula 1 campaign is here, and unsurprisingly the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix is set to be far from a washout.

Having been starved of our Formula 1 racing fix since late November of 2022, we are now fast approaching the F1 2023 season opener, with the Bahrain International Circuit preparing to transition from pre-season test host to that of the opening round of a brand new season.

But, it is one which will pick up where 2022 left off in Abu Dhabi when it comes to the weather conditions which we can expect.

At the first round of a new season, the wish is for a dry weekend so we can all get a clear picture of the pecking order, and fortunately there is virtually zero chance of the track being any other than dry from practice all the way through to the race.

On Friday, when the opening session of the season gets underway, that being FP1, at 1430 local time, the conditions are set to be sunny with a temperature of 24 Celsius as the peak heat of the day begins to pass. There will be a gentle breeze and humidity of around 40%.

For FP2, beginning at 1800 local time, the lights will take effect in Bahrain and the temperature will fall to 21c. The skies will be clear with humidity climbing above 60%. Winds are expected to drop.

On Saturday, it is a 1430 start again, this time for FP3, where 24c will be the temperature, perhaps climbing to 25c before the session is over. A gentle breeze will greet the drivers, with humidity at 40% and zero risk of rain.

Then it is onto qualifying, and as night falls the temperature is expected to drop to 21c once more by the time the actions begins at 1800, as winds drop again and humidity climbs above 60%.

Then it is onto Sunday, otherwise known as the first race day of F1 2023! The Bahrain Grand Prix will begin at 1800 local time, with a similar level of heat to what will have been experienced on the previous days, 22c at lights out, and perhaps losing 1c by the time the chequered flag appears.

Once again there is no risk of rain at all, while winds will be light. Humidity will be in the low 60s for the start of the race but could push towards 70 for the closing moments.

All weather forecasts as above are provided by BBC Weather. recommends

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