Report offers juicy details on 2024 Ferrari amidst Red Bull copy speculation

Michelle Foster
Ferrari SF-23 at the Spanish Grand Prix. Barcelona, June 2023.

Ferrari SF-23 at the Spanish Grand Prix. Barcelona, June 2023.

Ferrari’s 2024 F1 car – currently codenamed ‘676’ – will reportedly be a mix of Red Bull “solutions” and the Scuderia’s own “innovations and choices.”

In year two of Formula 1’s ground-effect aerodynamic era, Ferrari found that instead of making inroads into Red Bull’s advantage, their deficit to the World Champions grew.

Having realised in pre-season testing already that their SF-23’s concept was flawed, the Scuderia made a change mid-season that included dropping the baby bath sidepods for a more Red Bull-styled downwash concept.

Inspiration meets innovation, but will it be a winner?

But even that yielded minimal gains with Ferrari’s only win of this season coming on a weekend where Red Bull struggled with setup. They do, however, have the honour of being the only team aside from Red Bull to win a race this season.

Change, though, is needed.

“The 2024 project is very different to the car we have this year,” Charles Leclerc declared after Ferrari lost the Italian Grand Prix to Red Bull, although Fred Vasseur worryingly said it won’t be “easy” to resolve all the car’s weaknesses between this year and “next year”.

But Ferrari are trying.

According to, the ‘676’ project will “see solutions inspired by the Red Bull project, with innovations and its own choices, not limiting itself to copying what was introduced by Adrian Newey in these two years of new regulations.”

Going into more detail, the Italian publication reported that while the “aerodynamic appearance is not defined” with Ferrari continuing to update the ‘676’, the team’s goal is to maintain flexibility between “existing features and new technical innovations”.

“The revised and enhanced concept is an interim version between the SF-23 and the Red Bull philosophy, incorporating unique solutions,” it added. recommends

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Ferrari most definitely are not going for a copy-and-paste of the Red Bull as taking another team’s concept without fully understanding how it works could create an Aston Martin situation.

Aston Martin started the season with a “third Red Bull” – as Christian Horner and Helmut Marko put it – with the car having been designed under the leadership of former Red Bull man Dan Fallows but as they updated it during the course of the season they were tripped up, losing performance and places in the Championship.

Ferrari are determined to avoid that, thus building on what they already know with a touch of Red Bull thrown into the mix.

“The data is more consistent after the introduction of the Austrian floor specification, but especially through the subsequent one in Japan,” Formu1auno added. “Naturally we will have to expect much more, almost nothing of what is under the bellies of the red team will be carried [over] because the entire bottom would have to be redesigned.”

Ferrari are currently third in the Constructors’ Championship, 20 points behind Mercedes but a massive 420 adrift of Red Bull.

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