A look at Motor sports in this day and age

Ross Gibson

When it comes to race car driving, there are a lot of variables that need to come into play. This is particularly evident in the world of F1, which has high stakes and the types of speeds seldom seen on four wheels elsewhere.

It takes the right kind of person and character to get behind the wheel to compete with others in crazy turns and some hairpin bends that can make the mind boggle.

The fun and game of it all

While the thrill of the chase is almost always evident, and those who are in it to win it want to do just that, but there is a lot to be said about a podium finish. Just like in the Olympic Games, for silver and bronze medals, it takes a lot of effort and skill to nab a second- or third-place finish. There are unfortunately those who have far too many of these and have never actually won. Forever the bridesmaid but never the bride, they have come in for plenty of criticism over the months and years.

The sum of the parts

From the wheels to the panels and back again, inside and out and back to front, the machine that gets put on the tarmac is of vital importance. Even the greatest drivers in the history of the sport needed a car that would get them through the rigours of the race, and one that would keep them pretty safe amid some rather hectic crashes. It’s this kind of pursuit for safety that has seen scientists and technicians get really involved in the mechanics of it all, ensuring that when or if a crash does happen, the results are hopefully not lethal.

The brands

There is a lot of sponsorship in the sport, from betting companies to fast-food joints and other sorts of offerings. Whether these brands sponsor teams or individuals is different for each instance, but it’s key to know what they are bringing to the party. As much as the relationship will hinge on bang for buck, there needs to be an element or two of personality to it. This day and age of great marketing across the digital world we live in makes for greater opportunities along these lines, and more and more companies and drivers are gaining benefit from this.


Of course, there is always the chance to get the marketing going even deeper. If it’s not sponsored bets or labelled branding, then there are replica shirts and coffee mugs and all sorts of things that can have this or that brand’s logo slapped on it. Children and adults lap this sort of stuff up, and it creates a brand loyalty that can remain for long periods of time. As much as this is about sport, it’s also about marketing and product value and more and more they are becoming mutually beneficial spin offs for all and sundry involved.


Fantasy sports

Of course, virtual management of teams and drivers is increasingly popular these days. Fantasy sports is, indeed, gaining momentum the world over and so many more people are getting involved nowadays than they were in the past. It’s down to some clever technology and world wide web plug-ins, which just make the ease of access element that much more fun. This isn’t gambling, per se, but there is the risk element that friendly punters have come to really enjoy. Again, it comes down to having some skin in the game and therefore having a greater vested interested in the outcome than a lot of others do.

In conclusion

Motor sport can be a hang of a lot of fun, especially when you go the extra mile to have more on the line than the average fan of viewer, so consider doing as much the next time you see a race rolling into town or across your television screen. Sport, indeed, is such a pleasure to watch and support.