Intriguing Adrian Newey career regret resurfaces as rival puts huge contract on table

Jamie Woodhouse
Adrian Newey, Red Bull, 2024 Saudi Arabian GP.

Red Bull's Adrian Newey.

With Aston Martin reportedly having made a big money move for Adrian Newey, could his regret that working with Fernando Alonso “never happened” serve as crucial motivation to change that?

Newey has established himself as one of, if not the greatest designer in Formula 1 history, his designs having achieved title success with Williams, McLaren and Red Bull. Could Aston Martin be next?

Adrian Newey could finally have Fernando Alonso dream union

According to reports in British media, Aston Martin team owner Lawrence Stroll approached Newey during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend, Round 2 of the F1 2024 campaign, in a bid to lure him down the road to Silverstone.

Newey is viewed as the prized asset of F1’s current ground effect era which began in 2022, Red Bull having hoovered up all the titles on offer with a remarkable record of 40 Grand Prix wins out of 47.

However, Aston Martin are no strangers to Newey, the F1 icon having worked with the brand on their Valkyrie hypercar project, nor is he a stranger to Aston Martin’s upcoming F1 power unit supplier Honda, who have been powering Red Bull’s return to the F1 summit. But, could it be the desire to finally work with Alonso which sways Newey to take the plunge?

Speaking on the Beyond the Grid podcast during 2023, Newey admitted: “Working with Fernando and Lewis [Hamilton] would have been fabulous. But it never happened.”

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Two-time World Champion Alonso has once more taken control in the early F1 2024 intra-team battle versus Aston Martin team-mate Lance Stroll and, with no signs that the 42-year-old Spaniard is slowing down, Aston Martin are determined to agree a new contract with F1’s most experienced driver to keep him with the team beyond this year.

Newey then would have the chance to silence a major career regret by working with Alonso at last, a union which Alonso himself is also very keen to make happen.

Alonso, in response to Newey’s comments, said: “I read [it] also a few months ago. Honestly, [he’s] a legend of the sport.

“We’ve been very close a few times to work together, and we spoke about this. I remember when he published a book a few years ago, in Spain I had the privilege to do the [foreword].

“For me, it’s just an incredible person that I was so lucky to work in the same environment as him, even if we never worked together. I’m happy that I’m living and I’m driving in this time that Adrian Newey is building Formula 1 cars.

“I wish one day I was working with him. I will drive the Valkyrie at home and maybe I feel something already when I jump in and that would make me happy!”

While Aston Martin started out in 2023 as arguably Red Bull’s closest challenger, it has been tougher going early in F1 2024, Alonso’s P5 in Saudi Arabia their best result to show for the opening three rounds.

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