Adrian Newey to Ferrari? Lewis Hamilton teases sensational 2025 steal amid Red Bull chaos

Oliver Harden
Adrian Newey looks on from the Red Bull pit wall with Lewis Hamilton and the Prancing Horse logo of Ferrari in small circles

Could Adrian Newey join Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari in 2025?

Lewis Hamilton has teased that Ferrari could poach Adrian Newey for F1 2025 amid the current chaos at Red Bull, claiming his switch to the Scuderia proves “anything is possible.”

Despite Red Bull’s current status as F1’s dominant force, the reigning Constructors’ Champions have been plunged into chaos amid the Christian Horner saga.

Lewis Hamilton to take Adrian Newey to Ferrari?

After an investigation into Horner was dismissed last week, Max Verstappen’s father Jos publicly called for the long-serving team principal to leave, accusing Horner of “playing the victim when he is the one causing the problems.”

The inter-team divisions has led to speculation over the futures of key figures within the Red Bull team, including Verstappen – who did not close the door on a potential move to Mercedes on Wednesday – and Newey, the most decorated F1 designer in history.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Hamilton – who rocked the F1 world last month by announcing a sensational switch to Ferrari for 2025 – claimed Verstappen is “sure” to be on the shortlist to replace him at Mercedes despite his Red Bull contract running until 2028. recommends

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And he suggested Ferrari could make a move for Newey – but conceded that it is “not my decision.”

Newey has been frequently linked with a move to Ferrari throughout his career, with the Italian team coming closest to securing his signature after Red Bull’s initial spell of dominance with Sebastian Vettel ended in 2014.

Asked if he could envisage Verstappen moving to Mercedes and Newey heading to Ferrari, Hamilton told media in Jeddah: “I think my move has shown that anything’s possible and it’s going to be a really interesting next six months or so.

“I don’t have an extra scoop on [Mercedes’ plans]. I’m sure Max is on the list, but I’m pretty sure he’s tied up – and also I can’t see why you would leave a car that was that good!

“But in terms of Adrian, having worked within the team, I know obviously Adrian gets all the praise for everybody’s work.

“I know he’s a huge part of it, of course, but I know there’s so many engineers in the background that are a huge part of developing the team and the car that they have and it’s not down to one person.

“So it’s not my decision.

“I’m competing against him this year at the moment, so I can’t really talk about next year so far just yet.”

Writing in his 2017 autobiography, Newey – who joined Red Bull in 2006 after productive spells at Williams and McLaren – outlined his decision to turn down Ferrari in 2014 stemmed from his admiration for Red Bull’s culture, which he felt represented “the true spirit of motor racing,”

He said: “We’d gone from being the paddock joke, the upstart, the party-hard fizzy drinks company, to four-time World Champions, and we’d done it the old-fashioned way, using principles that to me were in keeping with the true spirit of motor racing.

“I thought back to the beginning of the 2012 season when we couldn’t get the car right, and I remembered with pride that our shoulders hadn’t dropped. We’d got our heads down, worked through it and solved the problem.

“I thought how we’d developed young drivers instead of buying up star names; how we’d helped put Milton Keynes on the map; how throughout it all we’ve never stopped working; how we’d always taken the road less travelled, even when it meant facing seemingly insurmountable problems or technical challenges; how we never took the simple option in search of an easy life or sat back on our laurels feeling pleased with ourselves and decided ‘that’ll do’.

“We’d always continued innovating.”

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