Adrian Newey to Ferrari? Huge Lewis Hamilton prediction amid F1 dream team rumours

Oliver Harden
A close-up shot of Adrian Newey and insets of Lewis Hamilton and a Ferrari logo

Just imagine a Ferrari F1 car designed by Adrian Newey and driven by Lewis Hamilton...

Lewis Hamilton will replicate Michael Schumacher’s success at Ferrari if the Scuderia can lure F1 design legend Adrian Newey from Red Bull.

That is the stunning prediction made by former Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger, who believes the signing of Newey would open the door for a new era of Ferrari dominance.

Lewis Hamilton and Adrian Newey: Ferrari F1 dream team?

Hamilton shook the F1 world in February by announcing that he will join Ferrari on a multi-year contract from 2025, just five months after signing a new two-year deal with Mercedes, after activating a break clause.

His departure at the end of this season will bring to an end the most successful team-driver partnership in F1 history, with Hamilton winning six of his seven World Championships in Mercedes colours since arriving from McLaren in 2013.

Since the announcement of Hamilton’s signing, rumours have been rife that Ferrari could take advantage of the current uncertainty at Red Bull by making a move for Newey. recommends

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A report by German publication Auto Motor und Sport on Tuesday claimed that Newey was recently spotted at Bologna airport amid rumours that Ferrari – along with Aston Martin – have made an offer to Red Bull’s chief technical officer.

Ferrari’s links to Newey have been described as “clearly serious this time” after the Scuderia last came close to signing the 65-year-old in 2014.

If Ferrari do succeed in their pursuit of Newey, however, the team would have to wait until his Red Bull contract expires at the end of 2025 for the F1 design guru to begin work at Maranello.

Berger, who spent a total of six seasons with Ferrari over two spells in the 1980s and ’90s, believes the signing of Newey would allow Hamilton to recreate the success of Schumacher, who won five consecutive World Championships with Ferrari from 2000.

On the possibility of Newey’s arrival marking the beginning of a second Schumacher era for Ferrari, Berger told AMuS: “With Hamilton instead of Michael.”

Speaking at last month’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix – where, according to reports, Newey received a lucrative contract offer from Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll – Hamilton refused to rule out the possibility of Ferrari making a move for the Red Bull man.

He said: “I think my move has shown that anything’s possible and it’s going to be a really interesting next six months or so.

“Having worked within the team, I know obviously Adrian gets all the praise for everybody’s work.

“I know he’s a huge part of it, of course, but I know there’s so many engineers in the background that are a huge part of developing the team and the car that they have and it’s not down to one person.

“So it’s not my decision.

“I’m competing against him this year at the moment, so I can’t really talk about next year so far just yet.”

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