‘Here we go’ – Italian press claim Adrian Newey meets Ferrari in London for ‘immediate’ 2026 project

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A close-up shot of Adrian Newey with a prominent Ferrari badge alongside him

Is now the time for Adrian Newey to finally join Ferrari?

A report from Italy has claimed Adrian Newey met Ferrari team principal Frédéric Vasseur in London to discuss a move to the Scuderia, potentially as early as 2025.

Now that Newey’s departure from Red Bull has been confirmed for the ‘first quarter of 2025’ and, without a further period of gardening leave to serve after that, he would theoretically be freed up to join another team on the grid and work on their 2026 if he so chose.

Adrian Newey reportedly meets Ferrari in London

A report from Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport under the headline ‘Newey-Ferrari, here we go’ claims Red Bull’s chief technology officer took time to meet Vasseur over a possible move to Maranello, with the Scuderia having made multiple approaches to Newey over working for them over the decades that have not come to fruition.

With an early departure from Red Bull having been agreed – his contract had been set to run until the end of 2025 – the team confirmed he will step back from Formula 1 design duties to focus on the completion of the Red Bull RB17 road car project, and he will stay with the team’s Technology Group until the car is finished.

And if a deal was agreed between Newey and Ferrari, La Gazzetta claims Newey would be able to begin immediate work on planning ahead for the 2026 car due to his lack of gardening leave restraints agreed between himself and Red Bull – even though work cannot officially begin on constructing the cars until the start of 2025.

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The report said of a potential Newey arrival at Ferrari: “The announcement of the signing is likely to be made after the [Miami] GP. The designer will be able to work immediately on the 2026 car, without gardening constraints, being fundamental with his own ideas to best interpret the new technical regulations that will come into force.”

As for Newey himself, he explained upon the announcement of his departure that the time has come for him to try something different, hinting that his F1 career may not be over yet while acknowledging that he felt now is the right time for others within Red Bull to step up.

“I feel now is an opportune moment to hand that baton over to others and to seek new challenges for myself,” he said.

“In the interim, the final stages of development of RB17 are upon us, so for the remainder of my time with the team my focus will lie there. I would like to thank the many amazing people I have worked with at Red Bull in our journey over the last 18 years for their talent, dedication and hard work.

“It has been a real privilege, and I am confident that the engineering team are well prepared for the work going into the final evolution of the car under the four-year period of this regulation set.”

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