Adrian Newey rumours set ablaze after intriguing handshake on Miami GP grid

Jamie Woodhouse
Adrian Newey and Piero Ferrari shake hands ahead of the 2024 Miami Sprint.

Adrian Newey and Piero Ferrari in Miami.

The Adrian Newey to Ferrari speculation received a fresh boost after he and Ferrari vice-chairman Piero Ferrari exchanged words and a handshake ahead of the Miami Grand Prix Sprint.

Newey, who has designed title-winning machinery for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull across his illustrious Formula 1 career, is set to become a free agent “after the first quarter of 2025” when he departs Red Bull, though his involvement in their F1 operations is already over.

Adrian Newey to Ferrari prospect gathering momentum?

Whether Newey has another F1 chapter to write with a different team remains to be seen, but if a rival is to secure his signature, then Ferrari is being speculated as the favourites, having tried without success several times in the past to lure Newey to Maranello.

And said speculation has only intensified after Newey’s interaction with Piero Ferrari on the grid ahead of the Miami Sprint.

While Newey gazing at the Ferrari SF-24 was not so extraordinary, considering Newey is often spotted checking out rival challengers with his trusty notebook in hand, what did get tongues wagging was his handshake and chat with Piero Ferrari, who interrupted Newey’s stare.

Could a plea for Newey to join Ferrari have cropped up in that rather long pre-Sprint chat? recommends

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How fraught 2021 season played a part in Adrian Newey’s decision to leave F1

What Newey has said is that as of now, he does not have any plans in place for projects after his Red Bull tenure.

“I think Mandy, my wife, and the dogs, we’ll probably go travelling, we’ll probably get a motorhome or something, go down through France and just enjoy life,” Newey told Sky F1.

“And then maybe at some point, I don’t know when, I’ll be standing in the shower and say, ‘Right, this is going to be the next adventure’.

“But right now, there is no plan.”

The Ferrari-bound seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has though declared that he “very much” wants to work with Newey at Ferrari, a “flattering” comment as Newey put it, though not one that has swayed his stance.

“Honestly, it’s very kind of Lewis to say that, I’m very flattered,” said Newey.

“But at the moment, it’s just take a little bit of a break and see what happens next.”

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen took the Sprint win in Miami, with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc following him across the line.

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