Iconic Adrian Newey F1 car damaged in dramatic Goodwood crash

Thomas Maher
Leyton House crash at Goodwood. July 2023.

Leyton House crash at Goodwood. July 2023.

One of Adrian Newey’s first F1 cars, a Leyton House, has been damaged in an unusual crash at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Following on from Saturday’s cancelled running due to storms in the UK, Sunday ran a packed timetable with plenty of action as historic cars from all disciples of motorsport were driven at speed up the famous hill of the Goodwood estate.

One of those cars, an Adrian Newey-designed Leyton House Judd CG901 from 1990, the car with which Newey attracted attention for its versatility and speed, seemed to suffer a mechanical failure as the driver approached the Molcomb corner.

Driver uninjured after Leyton House F1 car crash

The car spun around and crashed heavily into the straw bales lining the tarmac, bouncing back onto the track as the marshals began waving the red flags – Karun Chandhok was the next driver approaching as he drove a McLaren Can-Am machine up the hill.

Thankfully, the driver, Richard Hope, was uninjured and clambered clear of the machine as the debris was quickly cleared.

“This is the Leyton House F1 car that put [Adrian Newey] on the map,” said Alex Jacques as the replay was shown.

“Hitting the brakes, and around into the straw.”

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Co-commentator Alice Powell shared her thoughts on the incident: “That’s a very bizarre incident, it looks like it just locked up the rear tyres there and, at that point, the driver is a passenger. The hay bales, the straw bales did their job but that’s an expensive crash.

“I don’t think that is possibly on the driver, that looks like some other issue there because the rear has just instantly locked.”

The incident was the latest in what has been an unusually crash-laden Goodwood Festival of Speed, with the weekend event coming to an end on Sunday evening.

Shortly before the Leyton House crash, a McLaren F1 GTR hit the bales at the same corner while, on Friday, a Hyundai RB22e car was crashed into the bales before a wheel became detached from a Jaguar Mk1 – no serious injuries were reported.

Live action at the hillclimb has since resumed, with a full schedule of McLaren machinery scheduled, as well as a Porsche celebration and star appearances from Sebastian Vettel in the ex-Ayrton Senna McLaren MP4-8.

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