Adrian Newey-linked Max Verstappen F1 exit theory emerges after major career reveal

Michelle Foster
Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen.

Adrian Newey believes Max Verstappen is one of the best to ever do it.

As pundits continue to speculate as to whether Max Verstappen will exit Red Bull along with Adrian Newey, Danica Patrick ponders if the Dutchman could even link up with the design guru outside of F1.

After all, she revealed, Verstappen says he has achieved everything in Formula 1 he wants to achieve.

Could Max Verstappen link up with Adrian Newey outside of F1?

After months of speculation about Verstappen’s future, the cat was thrown amongst the bulls when Red Bull announced on Wednesday that Newey would officially leave the team after the first quarter of 2025.

Until then, though, he won’t be involved in the Formula 1 project, instead focusing on Red Bull’s RB17 hypercar.

It has be said Newey’s departure could be the catalyst to Verstappen’s own departure.

After all, according to former IndyCar driver turned pundit Patrick, Verstappen told her in Miami that he’s achieved “everything” he wanted to in F1.

As such she wouldn’t be surprised if he linked up with Newey outside of F1.

“One of the things that I found interesting in talking to him earlier was that he said he’s achieved everything in Formula 1 he wants to achieve,” Patrick told Sky F1.

“So the question may be then is how long does he want to stick around? He has said how he’d like to drive other things, do other things.

“So, you know, is there now an opportunity for him to do that with Adrian maybe? Somewhere else and some other way and different formulas and different things?

“Or is it more about finishing off with Red Bull? They’re going to be strong for probably another year or two. Is that the end of that? Who knows.

“But I did find it interesting that he said he’d achieved everything I want to in Formula 1.” recommends

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Is Verstappen equating ‘best car’ with Adrian Newey designs?

But while he’s in Formula 1, and he could be until 2028 as that is when his Red Bull contract expires, Patrick says Verstappen made it clear he wants the best car on the grid and today that’s a Newey-designed machine.

“He reiterated he just wants to have the best car so I think that the reason why we’re asking him so many questions about leaving is because obviously, we all very much believed that Adrian Newey is a big part of that being the best car,” she said.

“So the question is, is it on the inside enough of an influence for him to want to leave because he believes the same thing?

“We don’t obviously know the complete inner workings of how… he did speak about how the team around Adrian has generated a lot of information and they’re very strong in and of themselves.

“So the question is, how long can that go on for? Is it going to be when everything changes over with the engine and then the car? Is that where the end comes?

“We don’t know. But he has a longer contract at Red Bull for now.”

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