Adrian Newey ‘not happy’ with one RB20 feature as re-development process begins

Jamie Woodhouse
Adrian Newey inside the Red Bull garage.

Formula 1 design guru Adrian Newey.

Adrian Newey has teased change to come with Red Bull’s F1 machinery, as “one feature that I’m not terribly happy with” could be altered as early as during F1 2024.

In the build-up to the Miami Grand Prix, the shock announcement was made that Formula 1 design guru Newey would leave Red Bull after the first quarter of 2025, though his F1 involvement is already over, with his focus until that time of departure to be on the RB17 hypercar.

Adrian Newey ‘not happy’ with one feature on RB20

Red Bull has already begun the process of restricting Newey’s access to information – the design genius with 25 titles to his name – now no longer allowed access to data or any technical briefings.

However, Newey said there is one area on the RB20 – which he did not specify – that is going to be “re-altered”.

And while Red Bull’s 2025 challenger is more likely to sport this change, that is not a given, with Newey confirming that work could be complete in time for introduction on the RB20.

Asked by Sky Sports F1 whether there are still any gains to be found in F1’s ground effect era, Newey replied: “Yeah, I mean, there’s always room for improvement.

“This car is the third evolution of the ’22 car under this rule set. We’ve got one more year next year before the huge change of ’26. So we’re always searching for little bits and pieces.

“The fundamental architecture of the car has remained the same, but I mean, for instance, there’s one feature on the car that I’m not terribly happy with this year, and that’s something which will either change later in the year, or probably more likely, will be re-altered for next year.”

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Red Bull suffered just their second defeat of the season at the Miami Grand Prix, where McLaren’s Lando Norris triumphed to claim victory in Formula 1 for the first time.

McLaren has given Red Bull something to think about in the F1 2024 development war, with the MCL38 which Norris drove to victory in Miami sporting a redesigned front wing, sidepods, engine cover, front suspension, front and rear brace ducts, plus a revamped underfloor.

The timing of the Safety Car was ideal for Norris, while Red Bull believe their World Championship leader Max Verstappen was hampered by floor damage in Miami, so all eyes are on Imola to see what kind of challenge McLaren can mount against Red Bull there, with Oscar Piastri also set to run the fully-upgraded MCL38.

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