Adrian Newey delivers ominous message for Red Bull’s rivals in 2024

Michelle Foster
Red Bull design guru Adrian Newey walking down the tunnel with Red Bull accolades on the wall.

Adrian Newey walking in a tunnel.

Rivals’ dreams of chasing down Red Bull next season have been dealt a blow after Adrian Newey told Eddie Jordan that Red Bull’s evolution plan will make it “so difficult for anyone to catch up”.

Reigning supreme in Formula 1’s new ground-effect aerodynamic era, thanks largely to Newey’s leadership in the design team, Red Bull have won 33 of the 39 Grands Prix.

Throw in 20 pole positions, 18 fastest laps, and 52 podiums between the two drivers and it’s clear to see why Red Bull now have back-to-back championship doubles to go along with Max Verstappen’s 2021 Drivers’ success.

Can Red Bull’s rivals end their reign next season?

But while there have been some encouraging signs for Red Bull’s rivals on the track with Oscar Piastri only five seconds behind Verstappen in Qatar, just one race prior to that McLaren were 20s down in Japan.

It has some pundits such as Damon Hill predicting this weekend’s United States Grand Prix, a Sprint weekend, could see Lando Norris take his first win in the Mercedes-powered McLaren.

Others are predicting maybe Lewis Hamilton could get involved as he chases a seventh victory at the Circuit of The Americas.

Jordan says that’s not happening.

“I don’t care what engine Mercedes have, the car is not at a level,” he told TalkSPORT, “and the quality aerodynamically in terms of the ability to drive it hard and to get the maximum out of it like Max Verstappen is able to do.

“A lot of that nevertheless, is to the sheer talent that Max has, because Checo is not able to do the same thing as he can.

“So let’s just round up what I’ve just said. I think that Max will probably win again at the weekend in Austin.

“I don’t care so much about this little stories here and little stories there because there’s only so much you can do mid-season.”

In fact, the former team boss says even next year it is not happening for Red Bull’s rivals, not after what Newey recently told him. recommends

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“I was at a function the other night with Adrian Newey, we’re cyclists, we cycle a lot together in Cape Town,” he continued, “and Adrian tells me that he feels that the evolution of what they’ve got at the moment is going to be so difficult for anyone to catch up with.

“So please, folks out there, prepare yourself either for a boring time or an exciting time dependent whether you’re a Red Bull fan. It’s going to be similar and Max is going to be so good.”

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