Jacques Villenueve suspects the real reason why he thinks Adrian Newey left Red Bull

Henry Valantine
Adrian Newey in the Red Bull garage.

Adrian Newey has often been the subject of interest from Ferrari.

Jacques Villeneuve believes Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull has in part come down to the “relentless” off-track issues that have “nothing to do with racing” at the team.

Red Bull announced on Wednesday that Newey would be leaving the company in the first quarter of 2025, stepping away from Formula 1 design duties in the interim to focus on the completion of the RB17 hypercar project that is due to go on sale in mid-2025.

Jacques Villeneuve: Adrian Newey’s Red Bull departure ‘understandable’

Newey himself cited the wish to work on other projects and “hand that baton over” to other Red Bull designers having spent 18 years at the top of the technical team, with 13 combined Drivers’ and Constructors’ titles there to date.

But 1997 World Champion Villeneuve believes, through team founder Dietrich Mateschitz, he was the person who was “holding everyone in place” and, following his death, “internal fighting” has broken out since.

With that, and the “snowball effect” of different high-level people within the company wanting different things at the same time, the Canadian believes Newey calling time on his illustrious Red Bull career was probably coming at some point.

“It’s understandable that he’s leaving Red Bull,” Villeneuve told Crypto Casino LTD.

“There’s too much going on that has nothing to do with racing. It’s relentless and doesn’t want to go away.

“There’s someone that’s putting fuel in the fire and the fact they are winning every race is not enough. When things are good, people still find problems.

“Newey gets the right people around him. He’s a good team leader and he works well with the drivers.

“He’s a visionary, you can win without him so he’s not the answer to everything but it’s better to have him than not have him because he’s been the best for so many years.

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“Dietrich was holding the ring. He was holding everyone in place. The pyramid has gone at Red Bull so now the internal fighting has started. It involves even people that should be on the outside which is strange.

“The situation has been like a snowball effect. There’s more than two parties that are pulling strings.

“It’s got too personal which is crazy. Why can’t it be done behind closed doors?

“It’s human nature. People don’t sit on their laurels. People find problems even when things are going well.

“That’s why it’s very hard to have dominance for a long time because somebody will want more out of it.”

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