Adrian Newey responds to Lewis Hamilton Ferrari wish in critical F1 future update

Jamie Woodhouse
A close-up shot of Adrian Newey and insets of Lewis Hamilton and a Ferrari logo

Just imagine a Ferrari F1 car designed by Adrian Newey and driven by Lewis Hamilton...

Adrian Newey is “flattered” to hear that Lewis Hamilton wants him to join him at Ferrari, but it would seem that is not on the cards anytime soon.

On the eve of the Miami Grand Prix, it was announced that legendary Formula 1 designer Newey would no longer be involved with Red Bull’s Formula 1 operations with immediate effect, while he will leave the Milton Keynes-based squad entirely “after the first quarter of 2025”. In the meantime, he will focus on Red Bull’s RB17 hypercar project.

Adrian Newey reveals ‘there is no plan’ in life after Red Bull

Considering Newey-designed F1 machinery has claimed a staggering 25 titles – that tally set to rise in F1 2024 with Red Bull maintaining their dominant ways – there is likely not another team on the grid that would not be interested in trying to lure him back to the series.

However, Newey for now will look to “enjoy life” rather than make fresh F1 plans.

“I think Mandy, my wife, and the dogs, we’ll probably go travelling, we’ll probably get a motorhome or something, go down through France and just enjoy life,” Newey told Sky F1.

“And then maybe at some point, I don’t know when, I’ll be standing in the shower and say, ‘Right, this is going to be the next adventure’.

“But right now, there is no plan.” recommends

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Should Newey pop up in Formula 1 again, then Ferrari are being speculated as his most likely destination, with seven-time World Champion Hamilton, who will join the team in 2025, confirming that he would “very much” like to work with Newey at Ferrari.

But, while Newey is “flattered” to hear this from Hamilton, he repeated that he will take a “break” after his Red Bull tenure ends.

“Honestly, it’s very kind of Lewis to say that, I’m very flattered,” said Newey.

“But at the moment, it’s just take a little bit of a break and see what happens next.”

Newey’s Red Bull exit would in theory come just in time for him to influence another team’s approach to the new 2026 regulations, which will feature sweeping changes on the chassis and power unit side of things.

And when put to him that he surely wants to be part of this new era, Newey replied: “I do enjoy regulation changes for sure.

“This current crop of regulations was the biggest regulation change we’ve had since 1983 when flat-bottom cars came in.

“So I really enjoyed the challenge of all the research and detail design of that car. These two subsequent cars are evolutions to that car and next year’s car will be the third evolution of that car.

“So that’s been a great series. One that surprised me just how much there is in these cars actually. When I first looked at the regulations, I wasn’t so sure. But yeah, it’s been fun.”

Newey in his F1 career has designed title-winning machinery for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull.

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