‘Adrian Newey unleashed’ – £5million RB17 hypercar release date revealed

Sam Cooper
Adrian Newey, Red Bull

Adrian Newey has designed title-winning F1 cars for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull.

Red Bull’s first road car has been given a release date of 2024 as Christian Horner described it as “Adrian Newey unleashed.”

The RB17 is a project that has been in the works for a number of years and has allowed legendary designer Newey to produce a car not constricted by F1 regulations.

It will be the second road car designed by Newey, following the Aston Martin Valkyrie, but will be the first produced by Red Bull Advanced Technologies.

Christian Horner confirms 2024 release for Red Bull’s first road car

The RB17, given that name as Red Bull opted for the RB16B after regulation changes were delayed, has been confirmed as being released in 2024 by CEO Horner but is limited to a run of just 50 – with the majority of them already sold.

Speaking to Autocar, Horner said that given the cost cap now in Formula 1, other areas of the business had to justify their existence, which is why the RB17 has been produced.

“Adrian wanted to do a car [for us] back in 2014, and at that point in time, we found a route through that by doing all the design work for the Valkyrie in partnership with Aston Martin,” Horner said.

“Valkyrie is a stunning vehicle and I’m sure it will be a great success, but you’re always learning, whether in Formula 1 or on the advanced technologies side.

“[RBAT] has now existed for close to eight years and there’s an awful lot of knowledge that has been built up in that time. With the budget cap era [in F1], if you want to retain resources there have to be projects that can justify their existence.

“This is a perfect project utilising the skill sets that we have, so it will complement our Formula 1 activities rather than distract from them.”

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The car will have a V8 hybrid engine producing over 1,100bhp and costs £5 million, double the price of the Valkyrie. The car is also incredibly limited with only 15 made per year.

RB17 owners will also gain access to Red Bull simulators, on-track training and further experiences as part of the price, and the team will offer direct maintenance and service support “tailored to each owner” and how often they will use the car.

Newey said of the RB17: “The RB17 distills everything we know about creating championship-winning Formula 1 cars into a package that delivers extreme levels of performance in a two-seat track car.

“Driven by our passion for performance at every level, the RB17 pushes design and technical boundaries far beyond what has been previously available to enthusiasts and collectors.”

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