Prost ‘really upset’ with automobile industry

Mark Scott


Alain Prost has expressed his concern over “stupid” regulation changes made by governments which could have a huge impact on Formula 1.

By 2040, several governments plan to completely ban the sale of petrol/diesel and hybrid cars and Prost is forecasting that will bring major job losses within the automobile industry.

The four-time World Champion also explored the ramifications that will have on Formula 1, especially from a technological perspective.

“I am really upset about what I can see today with the automobile industry,” Prost told Autosport.

“We are going to give everything to the Chinese [automotive industry] where in 10 years’ time, they are going to introduce their cars here – and that is what I don’t like.

“It is stupid, stupid regulation. We’re going to lose I promise you, one million people [employees] in the next 10 years in the automobile industry if we don’t change that.

“You don’t want to go with electrical because we have FE, and you know how difficult it is going to be for FE in the future that is for sure.

“So what is the technology for F1 in the future? It is difficult to know. On one side, and it’s not my position, we go back to 12 cylinder and we have the same vision of F1 worldwide.

“Or, if we go to hydrogen in 10 years time, we would have another philosophy. Why not?

“But who is going to push the button and make that decision? It’s very difficult, but it’s good to ask the question.

“We need to talk about sustainability all the time, but the technology is very, very difficult.”

Prost also reiterated his desire not see Formula 1 become completely dehumanised as the emotion attached to the sport is still of paramount importance.

“You have to consider if it’s only technology, then F1 is dead,” he added.

“You have to have a mix of everything and that’s where we are at the moment.

“That’s why I’m not very pessimistic, but we need to find the best way for the next five to seven years.”

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