Prost critical of ‘fake’ Senna documentary

Mark Scott
Alain Prost Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna wanted to join Ferrari "at all costs" in 1994.

Alain Prost has criticised the ‘fake’ Ayrton Senna documentary that achieved widespread acclaim from fans and critics after its 2010 release.

The two multiple time World Champions formed one of the most intense, fiercest rivalries that Formula 1 has ever known, but Prost feels the ‘Senna’ documentary could have been produced in a much better way and without the “fake” elements that the producers added.

“I resent the film that was done,” Prost said in a conference staged at the Olympia theatre in Paris, France.

“They could have really told a fabulous story, because there was what happened when we were racing and then after [I retired].

“The film claims his last message ‘I miss you Alain’ was fake. Well I think the film was fake.”

Prost’s “fake” claim is in reference to a team radio message relayed by Senna before his fatal crash at Imola, where actually said: “A special hello to my dear…our dear friend Alain, in France. We all miss you Alain.”

Back at the conference, Prost added: “And it’s a shame because in the history of sport, there aren’t many stories like that.

“Because it is not a sports story, it is a human story.”

Prost elaborated further on his relationship with his old foe after he retired. It is a period of time that brings back vivid memories.

“Ayrton started talking to me,” he recalled.

“He called me at least once or twice a week. Sometimes for nothing, sometimes for advice.

“It lasted six months until Imola. We became friends, we became close. It’s a new period that I would never have imagined before. I have an incredible memory of it.”

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