Alarming footage captures F1 photographers’ lucky escape in Sergio Perez crash

Michelle Foster
The scene as Kevin Magnussen sends Sergio Perez into a crash at the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez, Red Bull, crashes in Monaco.

Alarming footage captured the moment Formula 1 photographers ducked or ran as Sergio Perez smashed into the Armco barrier separating them from the track on the opening lap of the Monaco GP.

One photographer was hit by debris and taken to the track’s medical centre before being released. He’s said to be okay.

Sergio Perez crashed heavily on the opening lap of the Monaco GP

Sergio Perez was involved in a scary crash on the opening lap of the Monaco Grand Prix when the Red Bull driver clipped, or was clipped by, depending on your point of view, Kevin Magnussen.

The Red Bull driver was pitched into a 90° turn and slammed nose-first into the Armco barrier before sliding down the track at speed and hitting the next piece of barrier side-on.

That’s where the photographers were waiting for that headline-making shot.

But in a case of the photographers being photographed, they were caught on camera ducking or running as Perez hurtled towards the barrier.

Hitting the barrier, and hard, Perez’s RB20 spewed bits of bodywork, carbon fibre and advertising hoarding.

One trackside photographer was taken to the Medical Centre with an FIA spokesperson telling the media there were no open wounds.

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He was released a short while later and was said to be okay.

Perez made a brief comment on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying: “The most important thing today is that we can all go home. It was a very serious and completely unnecessary accident from my point of view.

“I also hope that every photograph that was in the area is ok.”

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