‘Our door is always open’ – Former Red Bull driver keen for Adrian Newey reunion after early talks

Jamie Woodhouse
Red Bull F1 design guru Adrian Newey in front of the Formula 1 logo.

Red Bull F1 design guru Adrian Newey.

Alex Albon offered insight into his “very cool” working relationship with Adrian Newey at Red Bull, as he opened the door for a reunion at Williams.

Ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, it was confirmed that Newey’s time designing title-winning Formula 1 cars for Red Bull was over, with the legendary F1 figure set to leave the Milton Keynes-based squad entirely after the first quarter of 2025.

Williams ‘door always open’ for Adrian Newey

Albon had the chance to experience working alongside Newey – one of Formula 1’s greatest designers – as part of the Red Bull team between 2019-21, but with Albon now a key player at Newey’s former team Williams, the Thai racer has thrown the door wide open for Newey should he want to return.

Williams team principal James Vowles has confirmed that some early conversations have been had with Newey, as it would be “remiss of me to not be talking to him”.

Another former Newey team in McLaren, which completes the trio – alongside Williams and Red Bull – of teams which Newey designed title-winning cars for, has also been linked with a move to re-sign him, while Ferrari and Aston Martin have been credited with holding an interest.

“I can only speak about my relationship with Adrian, what I’ve been through, very nice person,” Albon told media in Miami. “I think everyone who knows him, very humble, very open-minded. Got on very well with him.

“I think it will be interesting to see his next move. I’m sure every team is chasing him down to try and get hold of him.

“But whatever he chooses, if it’s retirement or racing, I wish him all the best. And obviously, our door is always open as well.”

Delving deeper into his working relationship with Newey, Albon added: “He was very connected to the driving side of it. He really wanted to know how it felt.

“I think in some ways, he still understood that the car needs to be set up a certain way to get the most out of it.

“There are a couple of things I remember during my year and a bit with Red Bull, where I just thought to myself, a different way of working. I can’t go into details about it, but just one race to the next, coming up with ideas and philosophies, where to go around. Just very inspiring and very cool to see it from kind of a third person [view], just seeing how he works.

“There’s a lot of chartered jets where you’re just kind of seeing him do his work and analysing everything and it’s very cool.”

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Albon explained that the 2021 season – which he spent in the background at Red Bull after losing his race seat to Sergio Perez – was where his involvement with trying to improve their machinery really intensified.

And during that time, Newey would consult Albon on fixes for certain issues as he put in the work in the simulator.

“I was more involved with that kind of stuff and speaking with Adrian during 2021, during the year that I was more of a sim driver and trying to fix some of the issue we had in 2020,” said Albon.

“Again, the same kind of things, understanding philosophies and what areas we needed to focus on. If it was something that he felt was important, he’d always come and speak to me after a sim day and want my opinion about it.

“Which was nice, to have that relationship with someone who’s obviously so influential.”

Newey has made it clear that he has “no plans” regarding an F1 return at this stage, though has not ruled it out, with a fresh regulatory overhaul looming for 2026.

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