Albon’s red hair superstition pays off with P9 in Miami

Sam Cooper
Alex Albon with red hair. Miami, May 2022.

Williams' Alex Albon with dyed red hair looks down as he answers a question. Miami, May 2022.

Alex Albon’s red hair superstition has paid off after he scored points for the second time this season at the Miami GP.

The Williams driver arrived at the Miami circuit sporting a new red hairstyle and later explained that the peculiar choice of colour had become a superstition for him.

At the Australian Grand Prix, Albon scored his first point of the season and he did so with a patch of red in his hair. The origin of the fashion choice was a charity trip to Thailand – the country which he shares nationality with along with the UK – and the children he was visiting decided to give him a new look.

By the time of the next race at Imola, the red had grown out and having ended outside of the points, Albon decided the red was the reason.

Having secured another two points in Miami, Albon joked it was all to do with the hair.

“No upgrades are ever needed, you just need to dye your hair!” he told Sky Sports F1.

“To be honest with you, we’ve had the pace all weekend, qualifying was the anomaly. We were really frustrated and then the race happens and we were there.

“Our pace was good, we were catching the cars in front of us. We benefited from the collisions in front but to be honest with you, we were catching the cars in front.”

Albon went on to reveal a pact between himself and the team that could end with the whole garage having red hair.

“Before the weekend started, we did say that if I score points this weekend, the whole team are going to dye their hair red,” he said.

“I just went to the engineering room and they’re all starting to backtrack their comments. They’re all like ‘oh no it was a podium’ and I’m like ‘no it wasn’t!'”

He did joke that the red hair had the unexpected effect of making it look like he had been “beheaded” as the dye ran into his balaclava.

Speaking about his season in general, Albon feels he and the team is on the rise.

“I feel a lot of support from the people close to me, we’re on the rise,” he said.

“I feel like myself as well. I’m more prepared now than I ever was, I’m more experienced now than I ever was and I’m feeling good.


“I was at a big team for half a year and I didn’t really understand the whole big team and getting into the details of it but i’ve had that time to understand everything

“It’s tricky because when you have a year out, it’s not like football or tennis where you can just pick up a racquet or start practising.

“You can’t just address issues but you can be methodical about how you want to change the things you want to and I think i’m taking the right steps.”