Alfa and Haas won’t run new Ferrari engine in Spain

Jamie Woodhouse
Haas and Alfa Romeo will take the new Ferrari engine at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Haas and Alfa Romeo will take the new Ferrari engine at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Ferrari’s customer teams Alfa Romeo and Haas have confirmed they won’t use the updated engine at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The new-spec engine, along with a new lubricant from Ferrari’s technical partner Shell, have been introduced two races before schedule.

Ferrari’s customers have traditionally run a new engine first, but the decision to fast-track was made independently, so Haas and Alfa Romeo will wait until Monaco or perhaps even Canada.

“Last year we put it in before them, it was the opposite way around,” Haas team principal Gunther Steiner told

“Everyone said, ‘Why do you that?’ and now we are the other way around. So how should we do it?

“Doing it at the same time is always logistically very difficult for them so one reason or another, depending on the upgrade, they ask us if we are OK and we are fine with it.

“In the end, they need to manage the engine and the mileage and all that stuff. We are pretty happy with what they have suggested. It hasn’t been decided if we do it in Monte Carlo or Canada.”

An advantage of running the engine in Monaco is that it allows both Haas and Alfa to discover any issues before they get to Canada, a far more power sensitive track, but Steiner insists that, and the fact that Haas use different fuel to Ferrari, has not played a part in their decision.

“It is just a decision we took,” he said. “That is it, there is nothing behind it. It is a bit of a different spec and it is fine.”

Asked if it will cost them performance, Steiner said: “I don’t think so because I don’t know what they have got. I have nothing to compare with.”

Haas have also confirmed that they will be splitting their specifications on Friday ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix to avoid confusion between data.

Kevin Magnussen will remain in the old configuration on Friday, while Romain Grosjean runs the major update that includes a new floor, front wing, bargeboard and mirrors.

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