Alfa applauds Giovinazzi’s Monza reaction

Michelle Foster

With Alfa Romeo yet to confirm their full 2020 line up, Antonio Giovinazzi’s P9 at Monza could not have come at a better time with Fred Vasseur impressed with his fight-back.

Ferrari’s pick for Alfa Romeo’s second seat for 2019, Italian driver Giovinazzi has not had the easiest time in Formula 1.

While his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen has scored 31 points, Giovinazzi arrived on the Monza grid with just one to his name.

He added a further two on Sunday, his best result in Formula 1 and did so at his and Alfa Romeo’s home race.

“It was important to score points, and Antonio did a good race after a good qualy,” Vasseur told

“You won’t get back the points from Spa in any case, but at least we can start in Singapore from scratch.

“It’s never easy on the psychological side to manage this kind of situation.

“But I think honestly he did a strong performance in qualy, he was there in free practice, and he did a strong race.

“We’ve had some technical issues this season, and I can understand his feelings.

“He wasn’t comfortable after Spa, but now it’s done and behind us, and we have to think about Singapore.

“Honestly the reaction he had was a good one, it’s never easy to be in this situation, and to react like this.

“He showed that he had the shoulders to do it.

“We knew perfectly that Spa and Monza would be difficult for us, and we have to be focussed in the next one.”

As for 25-year-old Giovinazzi, he hopes Sunday’s showing goes a long way towards cementing rumours that Alfa Romeo will keep him on as Raikkonen’s 2020 team-mate.

“I don’t know, I think if I am fast enough, and the comparison with Kimi I think is there, I think nobody can take my seat for next year,” he said.

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