Alfa Romeo’s stunning launch car expected to fetch in excess of £400,000 in world-first auction

Thomas Maher
Alfa Romeo's C43 launch car up for auction.

Alfa Romeo's C43 launch car up for auction.

Alfa Romeo are auctioning off their 2023 launch car, offering collectors the chance to own a current-spec F1 machine.

Fresh from its launch earlier this week, Alfa Romeo are offering collectors the chance to purchase its 2023 F1 car to add to their collection.

The car, set to be driven by Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu in 2023, is the last Alfa Romeo entry to be built from the partnership with Sauber, as the Swiss group split with the Italian marque at the conclusion of this season ahead of their Audi tie-up for 2026.

The C43 show car revealed has been designated as Chassis number 1, and features a chassis plaque autographed by both Bottas and Zhou.

For the first time, an official F1 launch car has been made available at auction, with the winning buyer able to add a current-spec machine to their collection.

Unsurprisingly, the car is not suitable for competition. The C43 show car is designed for that very purpose, for show, and has been constructed to withstand the requirements of a show car. The chassis and bodywork are made from pre-preg carbon fibre and are designed to represent the real car that will be used on track. recommends

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The components are designed and manufactured according to running F1 car standards, using CAD data from the team.

The car comes fitted with electronic features, including a 3D-printed steering wheel with a working screen and working rain lights – the steering wheel is fully connected to the front wheels via the steering rack enabling the wheels to turn left or right.

The car can be lifted by the front and rear and the nose and front wing assembly can be removed for transport purposes, as can the wheels for pit stop practice.

Aside from the car, the winner will also get the race suits and boots worn by Zhou and Bottas for the launch show, signed by both drivers.

As it stands, the current leading bid is at £84,000. Memento Exclusives, manufacturers of the car, expect the winning bid to be around £400,000.

The philosophy behind our launch has been to bring fans closer to the team, and auctioning this show car fits within this narrative,” said Alfa Romeo’s new team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi.

“As our launch car, this C43 show car is a piece of history and the first step in what is hopefully going to be a successful season for our team.

“The success of last year’s C42 show car, the first ever produced, is what spurred us on to create another great piece of memorabilia with Memento Exclusive, and I’m looking forward to seeing the interest it will generate.”

To view the auction or place a bid, visit the auction website on F1 Authentics.