All you need to know about Mercedes W10

Ross Gibson


Passion is an extremely important part of life. Anything that is done without passion will never lead to satisfaction or true happiness.

But if you want to witness raw passion on display in all its glory then all you have to do is visit a major F1 racing event and observe the fans as they see their favourite racers sprint across the track in amazing supercars.

The world of F1 racing is truly a fascinating one. On the surface, it might not seem like F1 racing is as popular of a sport like a football or a basket and while it doesn’t have billions of fans all over the world, the ones that do love this fast-moving sport do so to a degree is quite unique to it. Not all football fans follow every aspect of the game but you will find that a majority of people who enjoy F1 racing don’t just enjoy the races, they love everything about the entire sport.

From the different race course, to which races are gaining momentum and which are not in their top form, F1 fans follow every bit of news and information that enters the public consciousness but there is one thing that sets them apart from fans of all other sports. A football won’t necessarily keep track of the balls that were used to play the game nor will a cricket fan care much for the bat that their favourite batsman is using to hit the high runs, however F1 fans will not just obsessive follow every new car that enters the race but even the parts that the car has been configured with, especially the engine.

The Engine of the Year

The engine is the heart and soul of any car. You can have the most beautiful looking car with every feature imaginable but if it has a sub-par engine, then it not be worth anything in the eyes of anyone who knows anything about cars. The engine inside the car becomes infinity more important if it is going to be running in an F1 race and this is the reason that major companies spend so much money to make sure their flagship vehicle for the season has the best engine humanly possible.

But this season there is one engine that has completely blown the competition away and it is getting a lot of attention and fan-fair because of this. Mercedes is a company that is considered by many as the best car company that makes both sports and luxury cars, and this time they seem to have outdone themselves and their competition by introducing then brand new Mercedes W10 engine for this racing season.

While this engine has been gathering more and more hype in racing and car appreciation communities on every social media platform, not everyone knows about all its details and exactly why it is not just worth the hype, but actually surpasses it in every way possible.

So here is everything you need to know about the absolute marvel that is the Mercedes W10 engine.

A massive improvement over its predecessor

While it is common for companies to just slightly tweak an existing model, give it a new name and release it as an upgraded engine, this is absolutely not what has happened here. The Mercedes W10 is so distinctively different from its predecessor—the Mercedes W9 engine—that even someone who isn’t versed in the car mechanics can easily tell the two apart.

But not only is W10 engine different from the W9, but it is also superior in virtually every way possible and Mercedes have managed to overcome many flaws that the W9 had, as well as making a few additions that make W10 the ultimate engine for this F1 racing season. It should also be noted that the W9 was an extremely powerful engine in its own right and much better than the W8 which just makes the fact that the W10 surpasses it, all the more impressive.

It was made in compliance with the new regulations

Technical Regulations for the 2019 Formula One underwent a lot of changes this season and some companies found that their existing vehicles did not fully comply will these new changes. Mercedes decided to build their new W10 engine completely in compliance with these regulations which means that its race car should be completely safe from being disbarred from any races this season.

This does show just how much on an impactful a change of regulations in the F1 racing circuit can be for some of the biggest car companies in the world.

A Brand-new Power Unit

The biggest goal of Mercedes while developing this engine, after making sure it was in accordance with the new regulations, was to significantly improve its performance. Andy Cowell, Managing Director of Mercedes-AMG High-Performance Powertrains, said in a recent interview, “We’ve made changes to the cooling architecture of the Power Unit, which hopefully provide aerodynamic benefit on the car and also provide efficiency benefit on the Power Unit – so, hopefully a win on both the chassis and on the Power Unit.”

He also added, ““Right at the heart of the Power Unit is the conversion of fuel into heat release in the combustion chamber and useful work out of the crankshaft. We have made steps on the combustion efficiency and on the ERS system. The marriage between the turbocharger assembly with the MGU-H, the inverter, the cells, and the MGU-K: that whole system is now capable of operating more efficiently and helping with energy deployment through a race.”

“We have made steps on the combustion efficiency and on the ERS system. The marriage between the turbocharger assembly with the MGU-H, the inverter, the cells, and the MGU-K: that whole system is now capable of operating more efficiently and helping with energy deployment through a race,” explained Andy. “If you have got an efficient engine with efficient aerodynamics and you are prepared to do a little bit of lift and coasting, then you have the opportunity to start the race at less than 110kg”

Mercedes is very confident about its latest Engine

While it goes without saying that every company appears to be extremely excited for whatever new item they are introducing, here it feels extremely genuine. Everyone who has spoken about this engine from the company has done so with excitement and passion and by all accounts, the W10 engine seems ready to take the world of F1 by a storm.

A lot of passion has clearly been put in building this engine and it should definitely be worth watching it in acting during the coming F1 racing season and then the fans of the sport can judge for themselves if this engine is truly worth all the hype and attention it has been getting.

This F1 season is looking to be a very exciting one and it should also be very interesting to see what other companies try to do to overcome the advantage that the W10 engine will potentially give Mercedes.