‘How can you justify this?’ – more questions asked about ‘strange’ Lance Stroll penalty in China

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Daniel Ricciardo is rear-ended by Lance Stroll

Daniel Ricciardo is rear-ended by Lance Stroll

Never mind the 10-second penalty for crashing into Daniel Ricciardo, Allard Kalff wants to know how the Chinese GP stewards “can justify” only giving Lance Stroll two penalty points.

Stroll wrecked his Chinese Grand Prix, as well as that of Ricciardo and Oscar Piastri when he rear-ended the RB driver and pushed him into the back of the McLaren.

‘How can you justify this to all the other teams, towards the public’

That he did so while they were behind the Safety Car only added to Ricciardo and Piastri’s ire at the Aston Martin driver.

All three cars sustained damage with Ricciardo retiring while Piastri, nursing a broken diffuser, finished in eighth place. As for Stroll, he served a 10-second penalty for causing the collision and finished down in 15th place.

But while Dutch pundit Kalff believes Stroll should’ve been black-flagged for the crash, what most baffles him is that Stroll was only given two penalty points on his Super Licence, that coming a day after Fernando Alonso was hit with three for a lesser infringement in the Sprint.

“This could almost be a black flag from me,” Kalff told Motorsport.com of Stroll’s in-race penalty, “because this is so much not paying attention.

“It’s a little bit of arrogance. And a little bit of not understanding how these things work.

“I think the most special thing is that he got two points on his license, while Fernando Alonso gets three points on his license for a minor incident [with Sainz].

“Then I think how can you justify this to all the other teams, towards the public? I find that so strange.”

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‘What do you mean it is Ricciardo’s fault?

Stroll was quick to pass the buck as he called Ricciardo an “idiot” in the immediate aftermath of the crash before telling the media: “Someone braked at the front of the pack, I don’t know who. And then everyone stops.

“The car in front of me just stopped from like 60 to zero, so a really stupid incident. It was one of those.”

Kalff isn’t impressed with point, joining Piastri in pointing out that Stroll was the “only one” who crashed.

“So he says: ‘Yes, everyone suddenly braked’. That’s right, but he is the only one who crashes into something. All the others anticipate that,” he said.

“So then you might think: ‘Maybe I didn’t do this wisely.

“I find it very bizarre that you absolutely do not feel that you are at all to blame, while in every other accident where you drive into the back of someone’s car.

“What do you mean it is Ricciardo’s fault? Should he drive into the other car? Yes, he suddenly braked. They did that before, and the others didn’t race against each other.”

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