Alonso: ‘Many more’ 2019 plans to come

Fernando Alonso: More 2019 plans to come

Fernando Alonso: More 2019 plans to come

Fernando Alonso has said he has “many more” plans in the pipeline for the 2019 season alongside WEC and the Indy 500.

After another double Q1 knockout in Brazil on Saturday, McLaren immediately announced that they would be returning to the Indy 500 next year with Alonso back in the driving seat.

The Indy 500 run will form part of Alonso’s first year away from Formula 1 after opting to retire from the sport at the end of the season.

But, Alonso has promised he will be popping up in many more events in 2019.

“I will do many more, you will know step by step. [Indy500] is the first announcement,” Alonso told Motorsport.

“Apart from the three WEC races, I think there are [also] four tests.

“If you add the three race weekends, there are already seven, until June, plus Indycar tests and the two weeks of the Indy500.”

Alonso suggested that he would be looking towards filling up his schedule in the second half of 2019.

He added: “If you see the calendar until June, there are only two or three weekends.

“Even though it seems that there are not too many careers, there are many preparations for these.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Alonso needs to win Indy 500 in order to clinch the final jewel in the Triple Crown, having already won the Monaco Grand Prix and the Le Mans 24 Hour race.

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