Alonso: Points finish ‘would be a dream’


Fernando Alonso has admitted that it would be a dream for him to finish in the points in Abu Dhabi, in what could be his final race in F1.

The Spaniard will leave the sport after 17 seasons, with the race at Yas Marina his final one, for now.

The two-time World Champion has hinted at a return to the sport in 2020, but he will definitely not be on the grid next year.

The McLaren man whitewashed team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne in qualifying after beating him once again in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

He made it 21-0 over the season, becoming the first man to do so since himself, back in 2008 against Nelson Piquet.

Alonso managed to get into Q2, but was last in the second part of the qualifying session, and will start the season finale in P15 on Sunday evening.

“It is the way it is,” he admitted.

“We have not been very competitive this weekend so we were quite pessimistic for our Q1 chances.

“We managed, somehow, to go to Q2 and we are happy for that.”

Looking ahead to Sunday’s race, and Alonso would be happy to finish well, to feel proud of his efforts in his last race.

“Well, our first priority is to finish the race and see the chequered flag,” the Spaniard said.

“[I want to] execute the race good enough to feel proud.

“It is the last one and if we can be in the points then that would be a dream.

“We are five positions away so let’s see if there is some action in front of us in the first couple of corners.”

In terms of the celebration of his career and his last race in the sport, the McLaren man admitted that in the car he is still the same, but once the Spaniard gets out of the car, he recognises that is a much different weekend to normal.

“I am usually quite shy so all these things going on over the weekend are quite touching,” Alonso admitted.

“So far it has been, not a normal race, I have to say.

“But when I jump in the car and put the helmet on, visor down, you have some many things to think about.

“The engineer is talking to you, you are preparing the tyres, so you have no time to get emotional maybe.

“Outside the car, for sure there are a lot of things that are quite good.”

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